Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Well now this should push that previous post down the page a bit

I don't know what possesses me sometimes, I really don't. What was I thinking to post that picture from last August? Any former boyfriends who happen to come across this blog, know that I made it all up. In fact, I photoshopped the whole thing.

I have been and will always be a size 3. With perky whatsits. And gorgeous, flawless skin. Dontcha wish your wife was hot like me?

To the rest of you, sorry for any trauma you may have encountered due to my mad Photoshopping skillz (heh, heh).

So, seriously, how does one break-up with food? Well don't hate me, but it isn't possible, you sort of need it. The thing is, food doesn't have to be your Edward always giving you chills and making you swoon, I mean what is it with you and the swooning? It could just be your Jacob, your best friend, always there for you with the moral support. Oh wait. Analogy FAIL.

A lot of you may know the last few years have been especially hard/awful/how-on-earth-am-I-going-to-face-this-day for our family. Especially me. I don't do stress very well. Or at all. And between having a surprise baby (whom we adore), thyroid cancer (twice), my son's tumor and subsequent chemo, I let my health take a backseat.

Like the backseat of an airport shuttle van.

It was a very dark time for me, I lost my friends and support system at the absolute worst moment (to their own trials) and retreated into myself. I became depressed and had no mental energy to reach out to others. I felt alone, so very alone. We all have our reasons why we let food become the thing that keeps us going emotionally.

For me, Dr. Pepper and mini peanut butter cups were my best friends. And maybe also the onion rings from Purple Turtle. And the TooWoomba Pasta at Outback. And sadly, I could go on.

Eventually things changed:
I became more able to breathe
Ty's last major surgery was last year
I am currently ignoring my cancer - hey, it works for me
My baby grew up
I actually started leaving the house again and showering on a regular basis
And applying make-up
We travelled
My heart woke up

And I decided I wanted to change. I want to get in the best shape I can so that if my cancer is still here I can kick its butt on my own terms. My change started small. I began working out with Mr. O, began weighing myself, watching my intake (Weight Watchers points), I used a heart monitor when I worked out to keep myself in the optimal range, and I went on walks. Sometimes, I even jogged. I know! And my body started to like it (well not the jogging). And I added yoga, oh my goodness yoga - so absolutely amazing for toning your body. I still drank soda and ate chocolate.

Then I decided to get serious. That stuff was holding me back. As soon as I gave up the diet soda I lost about 5-7 lbs. Who knew? I do drink Green Tea and get my caffeine that way (baby steps). But I swore off chocolate and ice cream. Which is practically blasphemy.

I may someday let chocolate back into my life, but it won't BE my life.

Quilt pics on Thursday. Yes, quilts. I am going to give away two of them. One for the winning name and one for...well, just for fun. Do you have any more suggestions?


Kristina P. said...

The swing shift schedule has been horrible for me. I got off Diet Coke, and now drink it all the time because I need to stay awake. It's been a real downer for my health.

i i eee said...

I need to swear off chocolate and ice cream as well. Not just to lose weight but also because my system do not likey.

I'm trying to have a resurrection of hotness for my upcoming wedding, but I also want to really start taking care of myself now that I'll be starting a family (no kids for a couple years, if things go according to plan). Reading your blog has been an eye opener for me--we're all going to have different trials in our lives, and thinking about bringing children in the mix really gives me a different perspective. So many different things can happen, and to have bad health on top of everything can make any trial more severe, or rather diminish even the happiest of times.

p.s. I'm seriously considering the WW bandwagon. I see such great results! Hmmm.

The Gang! said...

I feel so much like you! I had major changes in my health and I looked in to ww and did it and LOSt the weight I needed! Its still an up hill battle for me and my health! But I am getting into the best shape of my life! My prayers and Thoughts are with you and your family!

Heffalump said...

I think that our unhealthy relationship with food can start at a very young age. With this latest baby I have realized that I tend to offer food when she is crying. Food in the form of nursing her, which is true comfort food, but I wonder if it is setting her up for problems later (not nursing, but having that be the first solution I think of for her being upset).
Some of my best memories are tied to food. It really is a multi-layered problem. I think that for me, the key will be learning to like myself enough to find a better way than food to cope with emotional things. Thanks for making me think! And congrats again on your great progress!

Queen Scarlett said...

I just wanted to say ... wow and I'm really proud of you. I also admire what you've been through. So thank you for sharing.

Roblynn and Rebekah said...

Congratulations on taking your life back! Lots of work, but as you have seen well worth it. I did not discover exercise until after my sixth kid, and now don't know how I could live without it. I am not a soda person, but have heard the diet is the worse for your weight. Good luck on your journey and enjoy it! Pura Vida

Elizabeth-W said...

This is a great motivator for me. Thanks!

c-dub said...

thank you for sharing the rest of the story. this is doable.

p.s. is this where i enter for the second quilt giveaway?

Up in Bubbles said...

ok you are just Awesome. You look so good and wow what a good way to turn up for your 20th.

how about
"the incredible shrinking woman"
that would be a good blog title . love kel

Angela said...

You are amazing- I am so impressed- Keep up the good work and you looked amazing for your reunion!