The Organics

Hi, I'm Mrs. Organic. Why Organic? Two years ago I finally decided to take control of my health by feeding my body whole foods. Clean Eating. And what do you know, along the way I lost 75 pounds. Sometimes I am better at taking care of my body (aren't we all?) than others. I enjoy working out, especially weightlifting, biking, and yoga.

We are a family of seven. I always thought I'd have 6 children, but it wasn't meant to be. Our first child suffered an injury from his vaccines as an infant and although we've tried to keep life as normal as possible, it changed everything. Change can be a good thing, and it can be a hard thing - sometimes both at the same time. Ty is one of the sweetest guys you'll meet, there's not a mean or grumpy bone in his body. Serving him has taught me a lot about having grace under pressure (not that I've managed that yet, but he is a wonderful example to me).

About 5 years ago our life turned upside down, as I had our fifth and last child (a miracle 6 years in the making) it was discovered that I had thyroid cancer. And the next year? I still had it. At the same time, Tyler was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive tumor. Both of us underwent cancer treatment at the same time. It took him the better part of a year, but both of us beat it (knock on wood). And Ellie has brought so much joy to us with her spunk and bigger-than-life personality.

Through it all our family has been supportive and Mr. Organic is one of the rarest gems of a man you will ever know. He is made of some pretty great stuff. I will love him forever.

There are three more children between Ty and Ellie, here are just a few tidbits about them -
Spielberg, turned 16 this year and is driving. He also takes amazing photos, loves to shoot and produce shorts, and designed a very cool teen bedroom. He also designed the Jimmer t-shirts you see in my sidebar.
Michelle just turned 13, has a natural gift for teaching and working with children. She loves to cook and craft, play volleyball, dance and cheer. Oh, that there were more hours in the day.
Nicole is 11 and has discovered she loves to read, she has a talent for creative writing and memorizing choreography. She loves the great outdoors.

And me? I write to keep my sanity. I also knit, quilt and bake. It takes a lot to keep me sane, you see. I am good at some of the parts of being a mom and completely hopeless at others. Mostly I am good at the parts that come before they turn 12, after that please don't ask them. I still embrace it - you take the good, you take the bad (sorry for putting that song in your head).

(Also, I think you should know I have an on going love affair with hyphens and parentheses - I hope this won't be a problem.)