Monday, May 11, 2009

On getting "broke"

The best thing about three year olds is the random questions they ask.

Ellie - Mom, when are you gonna get broke?

Me - I'm not sure what you mean.

Ellie - When are you gonna get broke so Heavenly Father can fix you?

Me - What do you mean by broke?

Ellie - Like when your whole body gets on fired...that's broked and then Heavenly Father will fix you up. When is it gonna happen?

Me - I don't know.

Ellie (face:palm) - You have to say when.

Me (with not a clue how I should answer, I ask) - Well, when are you going to get "broke"?

Ellie (without skipping a beat) - At 5 o'clock.

That's not the answer I was expecting, although truthfully, I never know quite what to expect.

Ellie continues - A monster is going to eat me up and spit me out-then I'll be broke.

I can only hide my laughter by hugging her. Something tells me we need to revisit the whole Resurrection concept.


Kristina P. said...

This made me smile. Kids are so funny!

Angela said...

This is a great post- and very cute!

andrea said...

Very funny.....I was wondering as I was reading it.....what are they teaching her in Primary?!

Anonymous said...

SO cute!

I think she totally gets the resurrection concept -- just doesn't realize it's not a desirable thing to have need of in the immediate future. :) I've heard my mom say that the games kids play where they pretend to be dead and then alive show their inherent comprehension of the resurrection.

Anonymous said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing!

Loralee and the gang... said...

I love "little" imaginations!

JENNIFRO said...

I love stuff like this! So cute and funny!

Shawn said...

Oh, she is sooooo beautiful and adorable to boot!

Nancy Face said...

Hee hee! :D

Emma J said...

I've got to read this to Fritz! What a corker!