Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just trying out some techniques

as seen at David McMahon's place. And also, don't all volunteer at once. You never know, it might be some of my famous mints, or a little quilt, or a a a something that you can be sure you will love.


Anonymous said...

I really like the first two pictures. Good use of 1/3 horizontal framing.

Mr. O

athena said...

so how do you like your new camera?

Mrs. Organic said...

Thanks Mr. O

Athena - I am loving it and am looking at getting a new lens something like a 30mm f/1.4. Any suggestions. I know I'm working with Canon and you have a Nikon - right?

Heffalump said...


I thought of you today. #5 had his 101st day of Kindergarten today and they celebrated by making puppy ears(101 dalmations) and they got to eat puppy chow and each kid got a little plastic doggie dish full of candy bones. I thought your puppy would have loved it!

Elizabeth-W said...

Great work!!