Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day, May Day!

Wisteria in bloom smells just like heaven

I am so tired, I have fallen asleep sitting  up at the couch the past three nights.

So here it is another month later, and another five visits to the Emergency Room. We joke that there should be a punch card for this: "Your tenth visit is free!" Only it's not really that funny...but at the very least, they should be rolling out the red carpet for us by now.

Michelle had a 2 inch ovarian cyst rupture (mimicked appendicitis), My sister has an unknown intestinal ailment (possibly Crohn's) that mimicked appendicitis, Michelle had an unfortunate encounter with a soccer ball that left her arm in a splint, and my dad may have temporal arteritis (which if not treated promptly can lead to irreversible blindness.

It's like our family is a magnet for bad health karma these days. Our feng is clearly all shui'd out.

In happier news, Tyler had an extremely successful surgery. The hospital had a tool on loan which they were able to use on Ty. It basically accomplished in one surgery (and without the need for any transfusions) what would normally have taken about three surgeries. It was still extremely painful and he is still battling some mystery pain. He goes back into the hospital this week to remove a straggler.

My ear is still painful/painfully boring, but has lately responded to steroid treatment. My neck got all shot up today - 5 injections to be exact and if the doctor feels it's worth it, she'll order the nerves to be hit with radio frequency waves.

I'm hoping to begin writing daily again.This crazy life needs to be documented, because no one would believe all the crap that hits the fan around here. And no  one would believe that I am once again cooking.

Now of I can just figure out where all the kidnappers live (Ellie is convinced they all live in a big apartment building together), then Ellie thinks she can roam to her heart's content. Plus she thinks they all have tattoos identifying them as bad guys-if only life were that simple.

Moore tomoroo...


mCat said...

I was happy to see you pop in my reader this morning! Gosh you have had your hands full. Here's to hoping that with a new month, life will settle down and the ER can forget all about you.

Tebbs Family said...

I honestly wouldn't believe what you go through (almost on a daily basis!) either if I didn't read it myself. You are the toughest woman I know! Keep cooking AND eating!!

Stacey said...

Wow,that is just insanity! I hope things slow down for a little while for you and your family.