Friday, March 23, 2012


Ty ran into a few complications this week so we went to his post-op appointment a week early, where we discovered that basically all the cruddy kidney stones are still there.

This means he will have to undergo Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy, and since he has so many stones he will need 2-3 of these surgeries. We also discovered that the stone in his left kidney is one that will have to be treated as well. It is rather a painful recovery since it basically feels like a Leprechaun has been dancing a jig inside your kidneys. Frequently, patients require blood transfusions which, in Ty's case, is no bueno since he's reacted to blood transfusions each time he's had one.

I am pretty good at breaking stuff and managed to jam up his tubing connection. And now I must become a Sherlock Holmes dude and go off in search of a leg-bag and accompanying accessories.

Ty's surgery is currently slated for April 18th, we are just waiting to hear back on some labs to know if he needs to antibiotic up in preparation. They will also tell us what his stones are made of. We are hopeful it is not a struvite type (but hey, Ty is a champ at winning the medical lottery)
Over the weekend, Ellie was being rather unladylike with her nasal secretions (boogs) and I asked her to get a tissue. Her response?

Ellie: Mom, EVERYbody picks their nose. Even so-and-so I've seen them.

Me: I don't.

Ellie: Mom, everybody also lies.

So tell me, is she right? Do you fall in the category of EVERYbody?

PS My face/ear/eye are still being stoopid.

PPS But I cannot complain since I don't have the equivalent of a jaw breaker stuck between my kidney and my bladder.

PPPS We have had some major exciting things happening - in a good way, too. Pictures next week.


radioactive girl said...

I'm sorry things seem to be going wrong. I hope your pain goes away soon! I hope the same for me because I have been having a lot lately too. I wish we at least lived near each other so we could get together and suffer together. I have a feeling it would make it much more fun!

I'm thinking good thoughts for your son and you. Oh, and I think your daughter sounds like Dr. House. Everyone lies. Isn't that one of his big rules?

Melody said...

There is a reason the size of one's fingers fit the opening of the nostrils -- no matter one's age. I call it Divine Design.

No lie.

P.S. Divine blessings to you and yours.

Emily said...

I second what Melody said. Also, kidney stones are stupid. I hate them all.