Friday, March 9, 2012

I'm telling you - you can't make this stuff up

Michelle has been working out rather strenuously to get ready for spring soccer season -- I really admire her dedication -- so I was sure she'd pulled a muscle when she started complaining of pain in her lower right side.

But! This is my family we're talking about, and I'd noticed that she hadn't been feeling all that well for a couple weeks. She'd had a particularly rough day full of teen-aged pressures, my mother heart was sad for her. And then suddenly she was in extreme physical pain, like a switch had flipped. Aaack! I was thinking appendicitis.

I'd had a day full of projects, and caring for Ty (I still had nursing type duties to perform on him) and making decisions for the bathroom remodel we're attempting, and I still hadn't fit in a shower. So I scheduled the appointment and Mr. O took her to the doctor. The doctor walked into the room and decided to send her to the ER.

As a precaution, I showered, reapplied make-up AND washed/styled my hair. This is my insurance/superstition, my fool-proof method of avoiding hospitalization for my kids. Every time I'm ready for an overnight stay, we get to come home.

They immediately hooked her up to an IV and gave her anti-nausea and pain meds. Surprisingly, she doesn't get loopy on pain meds (I mean she should at least get to be a youtube viral sensation if she has to suffer, right?) They also drew labs. Needles are my girl's least favorite thing in the world. She asked if she could be knocked out for the IV placement. (I feel the same way about the dentist, so I totally get it).

Next up, she got sent back for a CT scan. When the results came back they showed that she had a 4 cm (just over 2 inches) ovarian cyst that had recently ruptured. Phew! Still sucky, but not appendicitis. Basically her body should reabsorb the cyst within 36 hours and the doctor ordered her to stay home and rest. An RX for sleep; sign me up.

She has done really well and still isn't back to her normal, happy self, but she'll get there. She's a great girl and a wonderful friend; if ever anyone isn't feeling well she loves to try and find something to cheer them up. I love that she's so thoughtful and sweet. I love you sweet Michelle.

PS Ty had surgery today, and in about 3 weeks we'll know how successful it was.


WifeyMommy said...

I think Bella had the same thing happen - she had unexplained pain in her right side and we ruled out appendicitis and did all the same stuff. All the ultrasound showed was extra fluid near her ovary. I'm glad your Michelle didn't need surgery :)

And I'm a big believer in the "look gorgeous, wear cute outfit to the hospital" superstition. No shower = all crap hits the fan.

mCat said...

Grateful that it was a cyst rupture and not an appendix rupture!

And good thoughts regarding Ty's surgery and it's success

Emily said...

Are you sure you're not making it up? You ought to write a book...or blog. ;)

Lindsey Johnson said...

I cannot believe it!!! I mean, I do, but still. AH! Can't you get a freakin' break?

Hope she's doing alright. Again and always, you are in my prayers.

Loralee and the gang... said...

Wow! Rough times for you and your family again. I hope that all will be well with all of y'all!

Diana said...

Healing vibes coming your way!! I love your way of warding off hospital stays! Glam! ;)

Emma J said...

The trouble is I read your Facebook status and mostly everything is light -- hospital visits but still. Sheesh! I'm with the commenter who for the life of her can't figure out why you and your family have to suffer through every single medical emergency. I'm sending you a virtual island vacation -- you can tap in and go there whenever you feel the need -- all expenses paid and no expiration. (Wish I could send some more tangible kind of help)