Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Another week, another round of Ellie-isms.

Her most thoughtful musings come when we're in the car:

Mom, right now when we're so far away it seems like I'm bigger than the mountain, like I could squish it. But that's not really so, when you get up really close you can see just how big it is and how really small you are.

You're right.

I bet it's the same way with Jesus, you can't see how big He is until you're really close to Him.
(Yes, she really talked this way when she said it)


She was helping me with the laundry the other day when she came across Mr. O's jock strap. She held it up above her head: What the HECK is this?

I gave her a brief explanation and later overheard her telling someone: My dad wears it on his head when he plays sports to betect (protect) against balls.

I'd say she got it about 1/4th right.


We drove past the cemetery where her grandfather is buried and she asked, Do people really get buried in the ground when they die?

Yes, they do.

Well, we should dig a hole where they put grandpa, bring up his box, open it up and see him! Then we don't have to miss him.

This is the same daughter who mentions that she wishes she were dead and when I bring up the fact that we would miss her she tells me, Well I won't miss you 'cause then I will be able to see everyone whoever I want.


radioactive girl said...

I just love her! She says the best things ever.

Kristina P. said...

She is a cutie!

MJ said...

It will be a sad sad day when she grows past Ellie-isms.

M-Cat said...

I think she is an old soul. Love these!

Emily said...

Okay, that jock strap one had me laughing out loud!