Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Goblins with a side of irony

First off, I know some people who will appreciate the irony of this biking video. (via Eric Snider)

In other news, I can cross something off my 40 for 40 list. No, make that two somethings:

12. Family road trip
37. Rent an RV

We travelled to Goblin Valley for an impromptu family reunion of sorts. My brother, Chad, is a camping rock star. And so is his wife. They go all the time and they do it up right. He made scones and Peachy Pear cobbler. His wife made a pulled pork roast, Cafe Rio style.
Meanwhile, we roasted hotdogs and cooked Frilis (chili over Fritos). We are so gourmet, I know. (Please to notice: Mr. O and his obliging me in photoing his famous legs. That is some serious awesome).
We hopped goblins, went on  a day hike to explore a small cave and played in the river bank. Yes, it was hot, but Goblin valley is also windy (hence the goblin formations) so it wasn't too bad.
Thank heavens for air conditioning. And bug spray. My natural stuff worked for awhile,  too bad we didn't know the Bounce dryer sheet trick (even though I never use dryer sheets, but desperate times/desperate measures, etc).
We had never rented an RV before, and I have to say that I don't ever want to go back to tent camping. If I could have a dream job, it would be reviewing/testing out RVs and getting paid to do it. Now all I need to do is get famous and have sponsors bending over backwards to make this dream come true. Minor details.
We came back and had one more night with our RVs, so we camped up our local canyon. That felt more like the camping I'm used to--no gnats, plenty of pine and aspens.
Not that Goblin Valley didn't have foliage.
It's just completely different.

So, what vacations are you planning this summer? Are you planning something completely different?

PS I thought of another thing that should be on that list, now I just need two more. Any ideas?


Emily said...

We so want to rent an RV and travel! I have yet to visit Goblin Valley but I'd love to take the kids there. Sounds like you had a fabulous time. (And those leg muscles on Mr. O? Amazing!)

Tebbs Family said...

How did Blaine obtain those massive muscles?!! I don't/won't camp but the RV sounds very tempting...

M-Cat said...

Those are some NICE legs on Mr O !

Looks like a fun vacay - we are headed to Moab in a couple of weeks.

radioactive girl said...

That sounds like so much fun and yum on the frilis. Your husband has some serious leg muscles. Wow!

Rachel Sue said...

I love goblin valley for 2 reasons:
1. It is in that movie with Tim Allen and Sigorney Weaver, which I love despite the fact that I can't remember the name.

2. I went as a kid and had a blast hiding behind all the, what are they called? hoodoos or something like that? Anyway, I can't wait to take my kids with me some time.

Geoffrey said...

@Rachel Sue -- It's galaxy quest.

Also I remember going to Goblin Valley as a kid. SO much fun. We played hide and seek with flashlights at dusk with my cousins.

As for our road trips, we are taking a 10 day vacation to Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota with all my siblings and parents.

Mrs. Organic said...

Alicia - he's always had them. He attributes them to cycling and high jump. I hope Spielberg inherits them. They are one of my favorite things about him - next to his kindness and great smile.

Mrs. Organic said...

Geoffrey - that sounds like a fun road trip. I'd really like to rent one that allows us to bring Ty's wheelchair along.

MJ said...

I love the photos here - especially the tiny delicate foliage and the front-focus greenery with soft-focus background goblins - so nice!

I'm trying to be more glad for you than jealous of this lovely looking escape!

Omgirl said...

Have you ever hiked The Narrows at Zion Canyon? I didn't have it on any list, but now that I've done it, I think it should be on everyone 's list to do at least once. It's TOUGH. But I feel a greater sense of accomplishment from doing that than from probably anything else I've ever done. Amazing.