Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ah, Freakout!

Mr O and I decided to catch a flick yesterday and saw Super 8. It is set in 1979 so all the music is from Mr. O's high school years. If you haven't seen it yet, don't worry I'm not going to give too much away.

There are several jumpy parts in the movie--the kind that make you reach for your movie date. Is very good date movie. Right before one of these parts, it got really quiet and you could hear the faint strains of "Take on Me" by Aha. If you are a child of the 80s, you will recognize that there is no way this song could have been coming from the movie sound track.

Dude! It was coming from my purse.

Now sometimes my phone will  turn on Pandora all by itself and some random station will start playing. In a panic, I thought that was had happened. In the dark of the movie theatre I fumbled in the abyss of my bag and finally found my phone. I swear I couldn't hear anything coming from it, but all of the sudden "Ringa, Ringa" from Slumdog Millionaire started playing. It's on my run playlist. Crap.

People turned and looked at me. Ack! I had put my phone on silent. Scrambling, I ripped the back off my phone and pulled the battery out.

What the? I could still hear it. This happened to be in a part of the movie where electronics were acting all possessed. My purse was totally into this movie.

I even ripped the SIM card out. What? It works in the movies all the time. Still, there was music playing. I grabbed my phone and made a quick dash for the door to figure out this mystery. I got out into the hall and not a sound was coming from my phone. I couldn't understand it.

Then Mr. O joined me. He had my bag. There is still music coming from here.

After rooting around some more, I discovered that my iPod was in the pocket and had somehow turned on. It's a newer one with a speaker. So embarrassing. I turned the sound all the way down, shut it off and slunk back into the theater to enjoy the rest of the show.

Have you ever had something like this happen to you?

P.S. There was good use of this song in the actual movie.


Queen Scarlett said...

Hilarious. Now I am grooving to.... ahhh freak out...

Tebbs Family said...

How funny!!! John's good friend Dave always calls John's phone when we're at church or other church meeting because he knows John forgets to put it on silent. He just sits behind us and laughs as John fumbles around and finally turns it off, totally embarrassed.

M-Cat said...

First - love that song
Second - I have had this happen to me too many times. I am a dork with my freaking phone and embarrass myself all the time. Best for it to go off during the sacrament or prayer at church. And for the voice to announce who is texting or calling me. You would THINK I could remember to put it on vibe

Mrs. Organic said...

Alicia - you gotta love friends like that.

radioactive girl said...

Hilarious! I have had my phone turn on randomly but always have been able to just turn it off. It never turned into the adventure you had.