Sunday, May 8, 2011

So, so tired - but it's a blissful tired

Please pay no attention to my forehead which is the size of the entire state of Georgia (gi-norm), and notice that I'm about 10 lbs away from getting the rest of the steroids weight off. Stupid 'roids - they also mess with your cholesterol, who knew? For the first time ever, I have high cholesterol. Pooh.

We saw Thor and really enjoyed it. Action for the guys and eye candy for the women=perfect film.

For Mother's Day, I requested that they allow me to sleep in rather than bring me breakfast in bed. They were glad to oblige. The only other thing I wanted to do was to spend the day in the mountains - all of us.
And Mr. O made sure it happened. Even Ty came. He had to borrow my sunglasses since the sun was so bright. He wasn't particularly very happy about that idea.
The girls had fun playing "Would You Rather"
Even Spielberg has to admit, it wasn't that bad of a time
I love that he caught me off guard.
I love the colors in this one
Famous Amos tastes even better in the mountains. Yes, they do.
Most photos shot by Spielberg.

Tonight, my mom hosted a family dinner for all of us that live out here. It was a very nice time, but we missed my sisters Stacy and Kelley. It was fun to visit with grandma B and chat with Chad and Emily.

This weekend just wasn't long enough.

P.S. there is cool stuff happening in the garden.


Heffalump said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful Mom's Day weekend! That is always a bonus!

Kristina P. said...

I love being up in the Mountains. ANd playing Would You Rather.

susette said...

Lucky you! How did you escape all the rain?? We wanted to be in the mountains too but it just didn't happen.

Christina Rosalie said...

It's so good, isn't it, to just slip outside and BE with you people you love among the natural world. It rights things. :) Happy mother's day to you...

Emily said...

You look fabulous! I am so glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!

Tebbs Family said...

When you mentioned you gi-norm forehead (I know the camera TOTALLY distorts...) I thought of the gal on the Amazing Race finale last night with the gi-normus hair in Florida. I was reeling... You look amazing and I love the sunglasses on Ty!

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

You are one skinny hott mama!! Ow, ow!!

M-Cat said...

I didn't even notice your forehead until you said something silly.

And the mountains look gorgeous! Chloee keeps asking to go hiking and I put her off. I can't do them when it's still so cold.

Love the pics of the rocks

Queen Scarlett said...

I love that you spent it out in the woods. What fun!

Also... try to temper the hotness in San Diego. They're going think I'm your Mom. ;-)

Anonymous said...

You look amazing!

Mrs. Organic said...

You are all too nice. Thank you!

Up in Bubbles said...

How cool looks like so much fun. Glad that Ty went, how did he like it?