Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Snip, sewin' away

I haven't quilted for five years now (except for a couple of thank-you gifts). This is huge.

Somewhere in there with my and Ty's cancers, I made a bargain with The Universe: I give up something I enjoy, You leave us alone.

So that really worked out. One spine fusion, one hip surgery, two rounds of chemo, multiple surgeries, two radiation treatments, a hysterectomy and several herniated discs later.....

I decided to do something I love again. I mean life is going to throw at you what it will, it's good to have coping measures. This group of quilters haven't let me slide off into the dark hole I'd been wishing would swallow me up, they never forgot about me. And now I'm back.

It's a mess, but a joyous mess. And except for accidentally snipping a hole in my pants, it's turning out pretty well. Here is my latest Work in Progress:

There will be two-one for Nicole and one for Ellie. That's 197 yoyos each, in case you were wondering.

Also, sometimes we goof off with Photo Booth.

Lastly, I worked a glorious 5 hours in my yard yesterday. One thing about the weather here...you never know how long the sunshine will last until you're safely in July, so get out while the gettin' is good. I'm stiff today, but it's the kind of hurt that feels good, let's you know you're alive rather than making you wish you were dead. And that my friends, feels amazing.

P.S. Could somebody please tell my body that 3 AM is not a decent wake-up time? Also, three hours is not nearly enough sleep.


Kristina P. said...

I can't believe we have another overcast day! Can't catch a break.

Emily said...

Those quilts are going to be SO gorgeous! And the next sunny day you're welcome to work in my yard. :)

Heffalump said...

I have never made a quilt. I have been saving jeans up as they get holey so I can make a denim quilt, and my Mom gave me a rotary cutter and mat for my birthday last year. I guess I should start sometime...
Your quilt looks lovely!

radioactive girl said...

I love that you made a deal with the universe. I do that too. I am glad you learned more quickly than I did that if the universe doesn't live up to the bargain, it is fine to go back to what you want to do.

The quilt looks so pretty! You are so talented at so many things!

M-Cat said...

Look at you go girl! Your up, your doing and must be feeling a little better. Now, if we could get the sun to stick around a little longer than a few hours at a time, we might just be in business!

Omgirl said...

That quilt is going to be amazing!

Also, can I say how jealous I am of your 5 hours of yardwork??? I have SO much yardwork to do here since moving in August and the yard being pretty much a mess, but now that it's yard time, I am way to pregnant to bend over or put my back into anything. It's so dang frustrating!!!