Wednesday, April 6, 2011

You Guys

It's nearly been a week. One whole week. I feel human again.

I cleaned like a mad woman today and it felt good. Very good. My aunt saw me down on my hands and knees wiping up dust bunnies (behind the entertainment center, no less--where no one can even see them, I know!) and said, "You must be feeling better."

It's felt like this past week has been holding it's breath, waiting for the pain to come creeping back, but it hasn't. Hallelujah! See also: knock on wood.

The cloud has left my fuzzy brain, and I no longer feel as if everything is moving in slow motion - like the very air is thick as gelatin. In an effort to speed up the purging and rescue my system from the onslaught of medicines, I've taken to drinking Green Smoothies.

I'd heard rumors they were delicious, but come on, there's loads of spinach in there, they couldn't possibly taste anything but offensive. I'm glad to say that was wrong-headed of me. Here's a before and after shot:

I like to cut up half an apple, a fresh strawberry or two, add in some handfuls of spinach, water, a tablespoon of seeds (chia, hemp, or ground flax) and frozen fruit. Blend. Drink.

Drink some more. Feel the green replace the gunk.
I sewed this weekend. A lot. And all of it by hand. I'm beginning to think these quilts will get made after all. I love how they're turning out, too bad I accidentally snipped a hole in my sweats.
Ellie informed me that tomorrow is her hopping-on-one-foot class where she is practicing her Easter dance and perfecting her game technique (said game involves hopping (of course) on one foot (of course) whilst holding a stick and tossing a golf ball). I don't know about you, but I can't wait for Easter to arrive.


Elizabeth-W said...

The color is off-putting.
Maybe you put a photo of E's practicing on top of the container so you have something else to gaze upon while drinking.

Kristina P. said...

Want to make me some curtains for my kitchen?

La Yen said...

That game is also popular in El Paso! It's an Easter Miracle.

M-Cat said...

I'm hoping for a video of Ellie's Easter performance. Hopping on one foot of course

Glad the fog is gone and you are feeling better!

annie valentine said...

Hey, my girlfriend adds avacado and it makes it so creamy and smooth. I sewed this weekend too, right now I wish I could lock a door and have a date with my machine.

Glad you're feeling like you again.

Loralee and the gang... said...

I am glad you are feeling better. And I think I need some of those green smoothies...