Saturday, April 16, 2011

Magical Mouse Poop

A few nights ago Ellie woke up around 3 in the morning and came into my room. She'd been coughing and woke herself up. As she crawled into bed with me, she started mumbling about how mouse poop was magic. I asked her to explain.

Well, did you know that mouses fink their pee is juice and that their poop is meat? You don't even have to buy them any food. Can I get a mouse?

I really marvel at the way that girl's mind works, even when she's half asleep.

My neck is holding strong. I've been running twice this week and I've gone biking too. I'm having a little anxiety about riding, but then I always have this sensation at the beginning of the season. It is a strange, reckless feeling to be going so fast without being strapped into or onto anything.

I sometimes have a similar anxiety about running. I have a bum right ankle, and it will roll without any warning. It hurts for about 10 seconds and always takes me by surprise - just enough for a cuss word to escape when I suddenly find myself on the ground. After walking around on it for about 30 seconds, I'm fine and good to go. It should be no big deal, but mentally I cringe and find myself thinking that one of these times it's just going to break. And that would really hurt.

Note to self: stop borrowing trouble

I have worked in my yard each time the sun has shone lately. After three months of being mostly sedentary, it feels absolutely wonderful to be moving again. I hope never to take hard work, sweat, and the good kind of body aches for granted again. I have cleaned out the front and rear flower beds and mucked out the garden. This weekend is time to put the peas, romaine and spinach in. We put this yard in with the intent that it be no or low maintenance. Hah! Beauty always requires work, but is always worth it in the end.

Monday, I find out if the camera can come off life support. Fingers crossed.

Have a lovely weekend everyone! What are you doing to enjoy Spring?


Kristina P. said...

Here's to hoping for more sun! I'm wondering if it is just depressed and doesn't want to come out to play!

Emily said...

Someday I'm going to love working in the yard. Someday.

M-Cat said...

Good for you on running and biking and getting moving again - it's a wonderful feeling and those who lose it for awhile learn never to take it for granted.

I admire anyone who likes to work out in the yard. ICK!

radioactive girl said...

It is snowing outside right now. I'll have to wait for springtime activities I guess. I'm glad you are feeling better though and are able to get back to doing things.

I feel the same way on the bike at first. When I used to do triathlons, every single year I would have a strange panic kind of thing about the bike and then be fine.

I love Ellie. She is hilarious!

myimaginaryblog said...

She is so, so funny. And brilliant.

Wow, about 400 yoyos? Wow wow. The quilt's looking beautiful.

Last summer I hiked the Y when I was (once again, but not knowing it) anemic and Vit. D deficient, and it was SO frustrating. I hiked it last week with my family and it was tiring because I'm out of shape, but not hopeless and discouraging in that way when my body just didn't work. And I definitely know what you mean about borrowing trouble. As much as I crave good exercise, I'm often afraid it will break me--especially because of times in the past when it actually could have if I had pushed it too much.

As to how I'm enjoying spring--well, today I opened the windows while the kids and I did chorse. So much more pleasant than chores in winter darkness.

Omgirl said...

I sometimes feel that way riding a bike too. I find it's best not to think about it. If i start imagining what will happen to me if I wreck at those speeds, I am afraid to get back on the bike next time.

Ah, so jealous of your gardening! I am most excited to ahve this baby just so I can bend over and do work again. Really!