Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pain is a pain is a pain

Disclaimer: I don't know who stops by any more, but I'm sure it's not to hear me go on and on about health issues (I'm sick of it myself, actually). The past two days have been tough. I haven't written much lately because I'm a bit lost for words.

Pain is, unfortunately, a valuable part of life. It alerts us when something is wrong. It helps us to know when there is something we need to fix before it gets worse, before the price we have to pay is too much. It still doesn't make the pain any less painless.

There are many different types of pain - physical, as in the case of a broken bone; emotional, as in the case of a broken heart; spiritual, as in the case of a broken faith.

Pain can serve as a motivator. Imagine if you did not feel the heat of an impending burn and did not let go of a hot pan in time.

Oh bother, all that nonsense above just so I could include this link: Swearing serves a purpose - see honey, I told you. I'm thinking I may have to resort to a more colorful vocabulary. What? It's for medicinal purposes.

The truth is Pain is a pain. The End.


Emily said...

Yes it is. Checking that link now!

Kristina P. said...

I'm sorry, my friend. :(

M-Cat said...

Yes, yes indeed - swearing is medicinal. I discovered that benefit years ago, now off to check the link that has let the cat out of the bag

Anonymous said...

The link is broken, but I've heard that cussing also helps overcome stammering.

I'm so so sorry about the pain that is pain. You're entitled to hundreds more posts like this, as far as I'm concerned. (I won't even begrudge you an inspirational quote or two.)

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Or you could take the 4-year-old child approach - just start rhyming words and 'accidentally wentally' slip some swear words in there.

Queen Scarlett said...

...this is how I handle pain... ;-) kdljffjkldkdfljdkf ;-)

Hope you get some relief and answers soon.

radioactive girl said...

I saw that fact a while ago and it has made me feel better ever since. Maybe that's the true benefit...just knowing swearing is fine when you are in pain?

I hope things get better for you soon! Pain is no fun! (duh!) I'm thinking good thoughts for you!