Saturday, March 26, 2011

Yo Yo Ma

I am not even going to mention that one topic even once. It is boring both of us.

Anyway, one thing I can do is stitch the snap out of some yo yos. I've made over one hundred and with the ones my girls have made, we're in the neighborhood of 160. Great! Only 240 to go.

One downside to numbness in your finger tips is that you don't feel the needle pricks until you REALLY feel them. Ouch, gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "on pins and needles".

Our camera is kaput. It is at the shop on life support. We will know more about her recovery plan on Monday. I super, super miss her.

Lately, I've felt like putting a smiley face emoticon after every thing I type, I'm counting it as a side effect of the meds. Normally I'd just be sarcastic and expect you to know I meant it in good humor, it's how I deal, peeps.

Do you know that it is almost April? Yes! (dramatic fist pump)

Also lately, I have been playing doctor (no not that kind, although...). Anyways, I have a tens unit (total lifesaver) and a few of my people have had injured lower backs. And do you know, it is a very helpful tool when dealing with pain (FYI no one with a pace maker should use one of these). Just call me Doctor Organic.


Deena said...

Dear Doctor,

What do you do with the yo yos?

Clueless in the UK

Elizabeth-W said...

Thanks, Dr. O!! :D

M-Cat said...

Glad the tens unit is a lifesaver for you. I found it annoying as hell.

And yes, let' start of trend of adding smiley face at the end of all our sentences. Just out of pure sarcasm - it would totally make at least ME feel better! : )

Mrs. Organic said...

Dear Clueless,

You stitch them onto fabric and make a quilt. I know, I'm certifiable.

Emily said...

I have seen those yo yos before and I think they're so cute! Wish I had the patience to make them. Can't wait to see the quilt!

Up in Bubbles said...

I cannot wait to see the finished project. I LOVE quilts. These are the prettiest colors. The paint color you want is sherwin williams dewy it would go perfect with that. You should send out a sample with mom and I will look at it with my walls. So cute, and again you are so talented, and it looks like in runs in your family.

andrea said...

I loved your TENS unit. And am glad I haven't needed to love it again.

Lovely yo-yo's. They will be a fantabulous quilt.

Hope the camera pulls through....soon.

Anonymous said...

Those are some sweet yo-yos. :) :) :)

(Oh, but in this case the smileys are just meant to be friendly, not sarcastic.)