Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Third Time Is The Charm

This is where I would normally write something funny about our trip to the hospital for a wheelchair adjustment where we ended up going back into the office three times before we got Ty's chair all sorted out. Only my brain is all a muddle so I can't turn it into funny.

Oh! There was that three sentence exchange with Ellie on the way up:

Ellie: Mom, I wish I were a horse.

Me: A horse?

Ellie: Well, a flying horse. Of course.

Me: A flying horse?

Ellie: Mom, don't you know what a Pegasus is? I wish I could fly in the clouds.

The third time I made it as far as loading Ty into the van and I was trying to get his seat belt on when I noticed that he was slowly sliding backwards. The chair could not stay upright - this is a bit of a hazard as you might guess - so we headed back in. Again.

A one hour appointment morphed into 5 hours and let's not forget the well over two hours in driving time due to a freak snow storm. It was an adventure and that's how we like things around here, but poor Ty's hip didn't care for it one bit.

Now, if you'll excuse me, my insides are crying uncle and I've got a hot date with a rice bag and a gel mattress.


Emily said...

Oh no! You poor thing! I need to send you some of those peanut butter swirl brownies ASAP!

P.S. I hate freak snow storms. The end.

Kristina P. said...

Listen, if Emily sends you those brownies, you need to share with me!

Kimberly said...

You poor girl, what a horrible day!

Deena said...

I think Hailey and Ellie would get along great. She would like to be a unicorn.

M-Cat said...

Judas! Can you just get a break?

I do like the idea of flying horses though..

Omgirl said...

Freak snow storms can be fun. But, I imagine, not so much when you've just spent hours at the wheel chair place and have your uncomfortable son and young daughter with you and you're in the car, trying to get home. So sorry!