Saturday, December 4, 2010

Superwoman or Stoopid?

Remember that lovely trip to the doctor's office? I usually ask my mom to come along, but this time I took Ty and Ellie on my own, because I am either Superwoman or stoopid (same thing, really).

Please notice the sticker on Ellie's dress for later.

It's the sort of appointment that takes an hour to get to, an hour or two of waiting for the doctor, and an hour of driving home (made significantly longer by stopping for sweets for Ty's teacher and classroom aides (just because, sweets for the sweets you know?)

and picking up these lovelies)

Which Ty grew himself (with the help of Mark, his intervener).

It turns out that Horticulture is one of Ty's favorite classes this year. He has to measure his plants everyday and note whether they have grown, and he has to care for them. This wouldn't be possible without Mark's help, of course - but it's something Ty looks forward to (also Ty's plants were the biggest and best in the greenhouse, very awesome).

Anyhow, as we're walking out of the high school (and let's not forget I'd spent the morning at the hospital and run into the Sweet Tooth Fairy) Ellie says to me, Mom where's your sticker?

Aside: Remember the sticker I told you to remember for later? The big one that says VISITOR? Yeah, that one.

I look down, Hmm, I don't know. Maybe I threw it away already.

No you didn't. I sticked it on your back.

Oh? You're a funny girl. I'm sure I threw it away.

Nope, want to me take it off?

Me, with big eyes as realization dawns: Uh...yes, please.

Turns out she'd put it on my back within 10 minutes of arriving at the doctor's office and I'd worn it that way, oblivious, for three hours. Love that Ellie girl.


Kristina P. said...

I could really go for some Sweet Tooth Fairy right about now.

Anonymous said...

I vote Superwoman.

And there are much, much worse things a sticker could say than "Visitor."

Stacey said...

Love the sticker story. I think last time that happened to me, I wore a princess on my behind for a few hours. Good times.

I vote Superwoman too.

Elizabeth-W said...

That she could keep that a secret for 3 hours is what is amazing to me! My kids couldn't have kept that quiet for 3 minutes!

Tebbs Family said...

Gorgeous poinsettias--congrats to Ty with the green thumb (must run in the family...) AND good thing the sticker wasn't on one of your "cheeks!"

M-Cat said...

At least it was on your back and not your butt right?

Up in Bubbles said...

For sure SUPERWOMAN! I hate when something like that happens. Way to go Tyler! Your plants turned out beautiful!