Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fizzy Fish Fins!

Last week our family had a little talk about minding our Ps and Qs, {cough, not that anyone here suffers from sailor mouth or anything, cough}. Anywho, one of our solutions was to come up with creative nonsense phrases when we are upset, and I owe the above variation to Stephanie Hansen, famed creator of #Thursketti (Thanks, Stephanie!)

And now, why am I upset, why the need for clever language? As it turns out Ty's last injection did not work and the next option is for Femoral Head Resection. Go ahead and Google it, but basically it is the removal of the top of his femur and wrapping the end of the bone with muscle. And! There is only a 50/50 chance of it being successful, with the healing process taking up to one year or more.

So, Fizzy Fish Fins! We are going to try a little cocktail of pain management meds and hope it gets him through to the Spring (or, fingers crossed, Summer) when he can have surgery.

In other news, Ellie has a new talent. And it is useful for amusing ourselves (aka freaking people out) in waiting rooms.

In yet other news, I get to go to the doctor on Monday because apparently my body thinks it is 80 years old. Good thing I am strong on the outside, because apparently on the inside? I am all Fizzy Fish Fins, (stupid traitorous uterus). Yay! Surgery. It's just what I wanted for Christmas. Not.

Anyway, hopefully we come up with a plan on Monday.


Queen Scarlett said...

how are you feeling??

Mrs. Organic said...

Mostly I just hate waiting to find out what exactly is going on. Something is going to get removed, I just don't know what. The upside? this is gonna feel the longest weekend ever and a girl can't have too long of a weekend.

Emma J said...

Thank goodness for Ellie - but surgery!! Life can sure be a biscuit-eating basket-maker. Hope you and Ty and everyone else weather through.

Rachel Sue said...

yuck. I'm sorry. But your right. Ellie's eye trick is hilarious! At least that will keep you laughing, right?

M-Cat said...

Damn! I mean....Fizzy Fish Fins!!!

Hang in there girl!

And Ellie's eyes? FREAKIN my FREAK!

Anonymous said...

That eye trick is just . . . wrong. :) But definitely also evidence of a superior intellect.

Two surgeries, and one of them only 50% chance of effectiveness? Fizzy fish fins indeed!

radioactive girl said...

That stinks! Good thing you have such an adorable little girl to make you laugh when things are tough.

I'm thinking good thoughts. Let me know if I can do anything to help!