Friday, December 3, 2010

Good Thing I Spent all That Money on Mouse Traps and Peanutbutter

So two nights ago, my daughter woke me up around 4 in the morning, Mom there is a mouse in my room, I can hear it running through the walls.

We've only had 3 rodent incidents since we've lived here. The first was a mouse that found our pantry the day the neighbors started digging their foundation. The second was a mouse that came in under our washer and dryer through the overflow pipe (and which was chased out through the clever use of peppermint oil and cotton balls - who knew?), and the third was our Harry Houdini Hamster chewing through the roof of his aquarium hamster mansion in the basement only to peek out from behind the chocolate chip stash in the pantry. Three rodent run-ins in the past 11 years is pretty darn good in my book.

Anyway, I dragged myself out of bed and went in to lay on hers, certain that she must have had a bad dream or something. And then I heard the unmistakable scritch, scritch, scratch of drywall being gnawed. Friends that is not a good sound. I let her sleep on the couch. As for me? I never was able to go back to sleep, and promptly went out and bought $20 worth of traps, bait and peanut butter.

Mr. O braved the frigid temps last night and set all the traps along the foundation and my daughter decided to chance sleeping in her room again.

Do you know wanna what makes the same sound as a mouse noshing on your walls? (fast forward to the end and ignore the dirty floor). Who knew that cleaning your room is the best anti-mouse policy?


Alli Easley said...

Aaaaaaaahahahaha! How awesome is that? I'm so glad you don't have a mouse, but I'm even more glad you have monopoly money on your floor like me.

Emma J said...

So do you think balloons like pb? I'm liking the moving pieces in these posts.

Elizabeth-W said...

HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! That is hilarious!
All the sweeter b/c there's not a creature in the wall.

radioactive girl said...

That is really funny! But at least there is no mouse, right? I think I'd rather have no mice and be mad I spent money on mouse traps than to actually have the mice and NEED the mouse traps!

M-Cat said...

LOL - love it!