Friday, May 7, 2010

Speaking of snot (or rather, the karma of putting the word "snot" in a title (that last one) that has absolutely nothing to do with snot)

I just sat through a movie with my finger in my ear. The movie was rather enjoyable, however, listening to the guy next to me snork back his sinus contents was not. In between breathing like Darth Vader, sighing as if the world was crushing down on his very shoulders and all the uh, snorking (ahem) I pretty much almost lost it. Remember I have auditory claustrophobia/Bionic Woman hearing?

I think I actually ate more popcorn than usual (actually any popcorn is more popcorn than usual) just so the sound of my chewing might drown him out at least a little.

I'm sure you're a very nice guy (outside of the movie theater), but dude! to actually pull out your Afrin and squirt up next to me? during like, a quiet scene? Ewwww!!! You could've at least waited for an action (read: noisy) scene.

Public Service Announcement: If you are ever personally tempted to snork (shudder) - Stay home, put your feet up, and drink some hot lemon tea with a shot of honey.

And now I'm off to Slumbersville, hoping that both my finger and my ear (and let's be honest: my mental health) recover from tonight's double feature - Ironman 2: Revenge of the Snot.


Anonymous said...

I have a pt who is otherwise a great person but has a habit of snorking, pulling it into the mouth, moving it around a bit, then swallowing. It is almost more than I can bear. I almost feel like it is duty to inform that it's off-putting.

Elizabeth-W said...
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Millie said...


You mean like that?

Just be glad it's blogging and not video.

Mrs. Organic said...

EW - it IS your duty to tell said co-worker, but wow awkward.

Omgirl said...

It's surprising the rude and inconsiderate things people will do in movies. That being said, I have a lot of sympathy for snorkers because I have a very overactive nasal lubrication system myself and often get phlegmy. It's the bane of my existence! But I at least try to be considerate and do it in private, not during quiet scenes in movies.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I got sick just reading this. I guess there weren't any empty seats you could have switched to?

I can one-better you, though (and not in a good way): on a red-eye home from Hawaii (my one trip to Hawaii) I sat next to a man with the most toxic breath I've ever encountered anywhere. I covered my mouth and nose with a pillow and it barely made any difference. Did I mention I was pregnant? I really wanted to scream or cry. The thing that baffles me is why I didn't make Dean switch seats with me. Maybe I was trying to spare Dean. But Dean wasn't pregnant.

Man, that was a long flight.