Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Like snot through the sinuses (or sands through the hourglass - same diff)

You just know you're in for a great afternoon when you check your inbox and find an email from the Principal. She had sent me a copy of an email she'd received with my son's name on it and had been concerned about the tone of it. She was just passing it on because she wanted me to be aware, you know?

My first thoughts? My son didn't write this. He doesn't have an email account with that address (he wouldn't be dumb enough to include his full name if he was sending something sassy to the principal (which, by the way, he would never do)). And then, but what if he did (write it) or does (have an email we don't know about)?

Rather than jump down his throat, I asked him if he had any email accounts he hadn't told us about.

Sidenote: Internet access is very controlled at our house. We use a program that allows each child access (by password) for only one specified hour a day. We have all their passwords and the kids know that we can check their accounts at any time. However, there is still access at school and anyone with the slightest bit of Internet savvy can set up an email account (they do know if they did that and we found out about it all computer time and any chances at a cell phone would be out the door).

I'm still not sure how I feel about his answer, but clearly he was confused as to why I'd be asking. Then I asked if he'd written any emails to the principal. His eyebrows shot up, Write the principal? they seemed to be saying, Whatever for?

I told him that she had forwarded an email that was believed to be written by him (as the email addy included his full name) but that I didn't think was in keeping with his character. He read it and was immediately outraged that someone would pretend to be him and then write the Principal about a matter so stupid in so rude a way.

His response? It had to be a girl mom. Only girls care about that.

And then, They kinda do have a point. I'd be upset about that if I were in their position.

I did a little Internet detecting.

Sidenote: never cross a mom who is fond of technology, research and who is also a teensy bit SMART.

It turns out the email was sent during a time when he did not have Internet access and he was right here in front of me. Also the account had very obviously been set up just this afternoon. When I tried to hack the account, I found it interesting that the person had chosen "Where did you meet your spouse?" for the security question. Aha! My son would never choose that as he thinks girls are still disgusting. (Not really, but he likes to say that for my benefit).

It makes me wonder, could a teacher have done this? A student? Why? Why not send an anonymous email? Why attach an innocent bystander's name to an email? Sometimes I do not understand people.

In other news, one of the kids kicked their door in because they were throwing a foot-stomping fit. Let's just say that person had better get used to the art of the quick change as their door privileges have been suspended indefinitely.

Seriously, parenting older kids is way harder than I anticipated. So, what would you do if you got a less-than-praiseworthy email from the Principal?


Kristina P. said...

Wow, I don't even know what to say! That's crazy. It sounds like it's a grown woman who sent it. I would definitely provide them with the evidence.

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

That is terrible! Somebody has a beef but isn't brave enough to face it head on. Awful, too, to drag your son (and you!) into it! Great detective work on your end.

Kalli Ko said...

That is so random, weird stuff like this DRIVES ME NUTS!

Like the one time P and I came out of a movie theater to find our car completely trashed with twinkies and sno-balls. Only car in the lot. Still don't know who did it.

Mrs. Organic said...

KK - that IS weird and crazy-making. Sort of makes you wonder if you have some weird Fatal Attraction dude out there waiting for just the right moment to deliver a dead bunny on your doorstep.

Kimberly said...

Wowza. Whoever sent that was nasty. Not just to the principal, but to your son. No way they weren't trying to get him in trouble...someone with a grudge?

What an exhausting day for you!

Loralee and the gang... said...

I think you handled this situation very well. Can you teach me your mad savvy hacking skills, for future reference?

M-Cat said...

Well done Mom, you handled it great. I remember a friend whose sister didn't have a bedroom door or electrical devices for months on end because she wouldn't learn to behave! I always thought that consequence was clever and wished I had used it.

The email? Not just upsetting for your son's sake in him being blamed or targeted, but a little scary what people can do out there in the ole blogosphere

Up in Bubbles said...

Wowser, what the heck???? i cannot believe that. I am proud of you for finding out the facts first. I wish you could find out who sent it. Love ya Kel

Elizabeth-W said...

That is crazy!! You handled it well.
My six year old has angry feet (stomping) and I can't abide it. She loses her bike if I hear her feet and her voice at the same time and same tone.

Mrs. Organic said...

Apparently the school has encountered this sort of thing before and it can get ugly. I believe the girl who did it knows he's on to her. Hopefully, she's got her gripes out of her system and is done impersonating him.

Sheesh, remember when girls used to just call up the boys they liked and prayed he'd answered the phone?

Omgirl said...

That is just bizarre. My first instinct is to say that no kid I know in their right mind would come into contact with the principal any more often than they had to. Kids with any intelligence just avoid authority figures, especially with gripes. So it had to be planted by someone who doesn't like your son, trying to get him in trouble. Who? I'd start asking your son who has an issue with him lately.

So did you contact the principal with your findings? I hope you do. (And I can't believe she is dumb enough to think that he would actually send that kind of email AND put his full name.)

tiburon said...

I am a lot like you - I would dig and dig until I got to the bottom of it.

So funny how our mama bear insticts kick in.

Anonymous people are beyond weak. It is pretty easy to be ballsy when you hide behind anonymity.