Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just Peachy

The peach blossoms are out and we all know what this means...snow is coming. Let the praying and knocking on wood commence.

The 4 year old begged me to teach her the finer points of picking up dog poop (so glad I know how to delegate).

Then she got all serious and asked me if dogs know how to pee.

When I told her yes, she asked How do you pick that up?

The neighbor suggested A bucket, maybe?


Kristina P. said...

Those are gorgeous! I had no idea that they had such large blooms.

M-Cat said...

Those are beautiful! And now I know who to hit up for fresh peaches! Mmmmm

Kimberly said...

Four year old curiousity is such a delight! Beautiful photos!

Tebbs Family said...

Amazing photos!!! If you took those, you're a pro! Can't wait for Spring... officially.

tiburon said...

So pretty!! I love all the flowers :)