Thursday, February 4, 2010

Time Outs: not just for kids anymore

As I pound out this post, I have locked myself in my room, put in earphones and cranked the volume on my iPod. The reason? I have been most snippy in the completely unprovoked way that afflicts the female population in general on a monthly type basis, but my thyroid (being the overachiever it is) has hit yet another ball OUT of the park. Like, an INTO ORBIT WAY OUT OF THE PARK kind of basis (like 5 times in the past two months, arggh).


I am in self-imposed time out, Mr. O has taken care of dinner, and except for the occasional attempted break-in the kids really are being great (if not completely baffled by the alien that must have taken over their mother's body).

Anyway, distractions and therapeutic posting

Recognize this tree?

It's from Winnie the Pooh.

When we first put in Ty's chair lift (basically a very tiny room with a moving floor) he was about 7 years old and I, or maybe my mom, had this great idea to paint the walls with a two-story tree mural to make his trips downstairs more interesting/entertaining. One friend suggested that we skip the mural painting and just hand him a marker or crayon to drag down or up the wall each trip.

That idea was nixed (bout wouldn't that have been fun?). We never got around to painting the tree in the elevator shaft and Ty grew up. I'm not sure what wall art would be thematically appropriate for a 17 year old male (being, as I am, a 38 year old female), but I'm open to suggestions. I did get my mom to paint it in Ellie's room, and I love it. It's full of texture and, in person, you can even see the leaf detail.

Speaking of Ellie:

Today was Retro Day at school, and it just so happens that this dress is authentic 1970s vintage. We inherited it from our neighbor because, for some reason, her boys wouldn't wear it. We love it.

And now a word from Ellie:

Ellie: Nicole, I had a dream about you last night.

Nicole: Really, what was it about?

Ellie (with much exasperation): But you were there.

Wouldn't that make life interesting if we were actually jetting in and out of each other's dreams at night? Hmm, that might make for a good storyline.


Heffalump said...

We can all use a time out once in a while!
Your Mom did a great job with Ellie's room!
I have some vintage 70's baby clothes that were mine when I was little. There is one really horrible one that is plaid but has polka dots on the sleeves. The one Ellie wore is cute though!

Mrs. Organic said...

I really wish I still had my plaid polyester pantsuit.

Kimberly said...

There are some really neat vinyl art websites out there now. So easy to apply, and some really cool effects. Maybe something with flames...kind of hot rod style...

Ellie is hilarious! What a neat thing that would be!

wonder woman said...

Just stopping by from Sue's linky. Ellie's adorable, and I love that name. We just painted the nursery, and I'm already wanting to repaint and add an mural!

Emma J said...

I adore the retro bodice and the red and wite print - this reminds me of one of my favorite Primary day dresses - remember those? (And let's forget the polyester pantsuits, please.)

As for wall-painting - didn't you and Mr O have Jungle Book characters painted on Tyler's walls in the long long ago? As for now - I was wondering if there are landscapes or images he most strongly responds to now?

Elizabeth-W said...

Sorry you're all out of whack :(

Mrs. Organic said...

Emma J - We did have Jungle Book murals on his walls. We hand copied them out of a coloring book using a grid technique. I'm not so sure what he enjoys visually right now. As for audio, he loves anything being blown up or lasered.

Shawn said...

She is soooo beautiful! Just like her Mom!

Kim N said...

I hear ya on the time out. If I had a laptop or a computer in my room I would be hiding out there now. At least my kids are in bed now so the only one I have left to hide from is my husband.

That mural is darling!

I love smocked little girl dresses. Ellie looks cute as can be!

andrea said...

Cute dress....almost doesn't look retro....that revolving fashion thing I suppose.

As for trucks, hot rods, military, skater skulls, scantily clad women (think Bo Derek)...he is 17.... ;)

kado! said...

oh my goodness...that is dress is adorable!!! I love it...i want a grown up version!!!

b. said...

I've seen it up close...and it is beautiful! Your mom is very talented!

Queen Scarlett said...

LOVE the time outs (I need them every few months for sure! I have cyclical crazy), LOVE the tree... the dress...and you.

tiburon said...

I am all about the self imposed time out. I try to give my self two or twelve a day.

That dress is RAD! I want it in my size.