Sunday, February 14, 2010

Leaving her mark

My cell phone buzzed. Home flashed on the caller ID, and even though I was in the library I took the call.

Yeah, I whispered. I'm in the library.

And then came those words every wife dreads: How do you get ink out?

Visions of black marker danced in my head, Oh no. What happened?

The bed. She got Ty's new bed.

What? Really?

Yes, I caught her writing her name in ball point ink on one of the panels. I thought it was too quiet.

I couldn't help myself, I had to laugh a little. Mr. O sent her to bed directly.

When I asked her about it later and wanted to know why she'd thought to place her name on Tyler's bed, she matter-of-factly replied, I was just letting everyone know that this is Ellie's bed for Tyler.

Makes total sense and I have to admit I'm a little proud at her letter formation (after all, she's only four). The girl can write.


Heffalump said...

She's sneaky! That is a sure sign of genius you know!

Stacy said...

Love that little one! Quiet is never a good sign unless its' bedtime.

Emma J said...

When she begins life out on her own you need to collect all of these and present her with them (maybe with a lock of your by-then completely snow white hair? and a single: "Thanks.")