Friday, October 30, 2009

Once upon a dream

Whenever I was pregnant I had a recurring nightmare that sounds so foolish now how could it possibly have been so terrifying then?

It goes like this. In my dream I would awake in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. I'd walk in the room and flip the light switch. Nothing would happen, I'd think maybe the power was out. But somehow I knew that wasn't it. I could see the light from the neighbor's porch through my window. I would try the switch again, nothing. The hairs on the back of my neck would stand on end and I knew, I knew it was a malevolent presence keeping the lights off. I would run from room to room trying to turn on the lights, all to no avail. I would try to call out for Mr. O to help me but I could never make any sounds come. {Shudder}

One night I awoke from this dream for my middle of the night bathroom run. You can imagine my surprise and terror when I flipped the switch and nothing happened (freak power outage), I'm pretty sure I gave Mr. O his first crop of grays with all my screaming/freaking out that night. Poor man.

Two years years ago, right after things had settled down for us medically speaking, I would find myself waking to Mr. O shaking my shoulder. He said I'd been screaming in my sleep and it had scared the dickens out of him. I couldn't tell him what had made me scream.

The next night, my screaming woke me up. I was frantically directing Mr. O to turn on the light, turn on the light! I wouldn't open my eyes in the dark and let what I had just felt--the presence of a male adolescent standing over me--be there. I knew he'd been there, but I didn't want to see him.

The third night, my screaming woke me again. It felt like an out-of-body experience and that I couldn't possibly be making that sound, the sound of someone terrified, in pursuit. I looked up into the dark and saw him - the shadow of a young man standing next to my bed looking down at me.

I realized that he didn't mean me any harm, but it was disconcerting and I put a stop to it. I came up with a logical explanation, rearranged the furniture next to my bed (obviously it was casting strange shadows, right?) and never saw him again. Phew!

Thinking about it still gets my heart to racing though. How about you? Do you have any spooky stories? Unexplained phenomena? More scary stories here. Also the source of my night terrors.


b. said...

You have scary stories.

I always wonder what those types of dreams mean. (shudder)

Omgirl said...

Wow, that is scary! Do you think it was real or just a dream? I've never had any ghosty sort of phenomena happen to me. But I have heard the door close in my 115 year old house several times and thought my husband was home from work, and then no one was there.

Elizabeth-W said...

When I was about 3rd or 4th grade I always, ALWAYS, saw a Dracula floating out of my closet toward me. Finally, one night I shut the closet door and it never happened again. But I still wouldn't look that direction, just in case.
Did you ever see that B movie called SSSSSSSSSSSSS? It was obviously about snakes. Bigtime nightmares about snakes--same house. There must have been something about that age.

Emma J said...

Okay, so maybe this is a wacky idea, but you do have a young man around who means you no harm at all and probably has like 17 years of not fully expressed psychic energy?

Or maybe it was just a weird shadow.

I don't know that I really believe in ghosts, per se, but spirits? And I don't think they can harm us, so they don't scare me.

Loralee and the gang... said...

I hate it when I have a scary dream and I TrY to scream, or yell out a warning to someone, and no sound will come out of my mouth! It's so frustrating within the context of my dream. But it's probably a good thing, since I have never woken myself or anyone else in the house up with my nightmares.
Happy Halloween! heh heh heh

andrea said...

Nothing freaky here, at least that I remember, but your story freaks me out. I'm blaming you if I have a nightmare tonight! ;)

Mrs. Organic said...

OmGirl - that would freak me out.

EW - that's the same reason I close the bathroom door at night - you never know what you might see in the mirror.

Emma J - I actually wondered about that at the time, but it puzzled me that I would wake up screaming.

Lor & gang - oh goodness, I can't tell you how many times I've woken Mr. O up due to my frightmares.

Andrea- sorry.

andrea said...

Just read the scary stories from the State Hospital link.....holy cow. I'm totally convinced that I could never, ever work there, and I've been wanting to go down there to scope it out for picture taking, and I may possibly not be able to do that now! Dang!!!

Bring your kids up to my neck of the woods tomorrow night...there are some families at the north end of Forest Creek Drive (where it T's and ends) that put on a "Haunted Creek"'s free, and has been pretty fun for the kiddos in the past!

kado! said...


i don't have dreams like that...but sometimes i think i see something move in my peripheral vision...i usually try to convince myself it has to do with my eye trauma i experienced in my car might be..or maybe i'm seeing ghosts...who least they are friendly...i guess! ;)