Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's all about tradition (and now I have that song from Fiddler on the Roof stuck in my head)

Today's assignment:

Traditions I love:
1. Twice a year my brother and sisters and their families gather at my parents' house for the biggest home-made breakfast spread you've ever seen: hashbrowns, scrambled eggs, bacon, french toast, bear claws, hot chocolate, and orange juice. The younger children play together while the older kids and the adults sit down and try to hear General Conference over the ruckus.

2. I make pajama pants for each of my children to wear on Christmas Eve and they love them. In fact, if I ever decided to skip sewing them and bought them instead I think I'd have a rebellion on my hands.

3. I read aloud to my children through out the year. My favorite time is when we all sit on the tramp, cuddled in blankets and I read by flashlight.

4. Every other year my mother sews aprons for all the moms and daughters and we wear them while we make pie crusts from scratch (then fill them) the day before Thanksgiving.

5. Family dinner as often as possible. Some nights I think I won't survive it, but for the most part gathering at the end of the day and breaking bread together is the high point for all of us.

Traditions that are past their prime:
1.The extended family Christmas party. There are just so many of us now, that my nerves can't take it. I always feel pressure in social situations to make sure people are happy and I stay and help clean-up. I really don't enjoy that part.

2. The extended family talent show/nativity scene at the extended family Christmas party. It was fun when it was just a few of us, but maybe I just can't do crowds anymore.

3. This year I think I want to move the conference breakfast to my house and just do it with my husband and kids. I'm hopeful that we'll get more out of the messages we hear, but my kids will miss grandma's cooking and the fun of being with all their cousins.

That's it, I can't think of anything else I would change.

What traditions can your family not live without?


Emma J said...

I want to come for storytime and to your family's Gen Con feast - but I get the wanting a smaller crowd. Here for Oct and Apr 3rd-ish, Middlest bakes tiny cookies and we pack fruit snacks and pretzels and fresh fruit and eat them in the RS room. We're usually the only ones in there. Sometimes our good friend (single, children grown) brings doughnuts.

Son builds a blanket fort. I crochet the everlasting afghan. Girls and hubs take notes. We all stand to sing the songs very loud.

We do this for both Sat and Sun - and we start talking about it and looking forward to it weeks beforehand.

Travelin'Oma said...

Reading by flashlight on the trampoline sounds so, so fun! We invented conference trailmix which has nuts, M and M's, gum drops, choc chips, Reese's pieces, etc. Everybody has a plastic cup to fill up as often as they want, and we have veggies, and fruit, and drinks sitting around, too. Conference Bingo, coloring, and tons of pillows laying around. I love conference!!

Thanks for your ideas!

andrea said...

Okay, I just got some great ideas for Conference...our littles are just now getting old enough that they really need to learn to be a part of it, but be quiet enough that we can get a little out of the messages presented. Maybe if I fill them to the brim with a big breakfast it'll do the trick?!

I really need to work on establishing some more meaningful traditions for our family....

Anonymous said...

Isn't that what tevo is for so you can hear conference again. I wish i could be there for all that good food. But I guess I just enjoyed good food when I was there. Kel

Shawn said...

You are so lucky to live near your family and cousins! My kids have grown up not knowing their cousins very well, and sometimes it makes me sad. So---we have to create our own traditions----and yes, there are many!

Kim N said...

Those sound like fun traditions! I especially love the big breakfast one and that is something I keep meaning to start...until I wake up on conference morning!

One of my favorite traditions that is just with my little immediate family is picking blueberries together every year. I look forward to it all year and wouldn't miss it for anything! (not even the 100 degree/high humidity weather we had this year!)

Another thing we always do is either go to a movie or watch a new dvd that we got for Christmas on Christmas Day. My husband and I started that our first year of marriage and have done it all of our 12 years together.