Saturday, September 26, 2009

10 little happinesses

Today's assignment:

1. Tomatoes fresh from the garden

2. Walla wallas as big as your head

3. My mom picking up all the rotted windfall peaches

4. Effective pain killers (nearly 40 is far too old for an horrible earache)

5. Bright pink toes

6. Trying on peep-toe heels

7. Friends who make me laugh

8. Lunch with Mr. O who always cheers me up

9. Bouncy curls

10. Letting someone in my lane


Travelin'Oma said...

I have had a few broken eardrums as an adult, and I share your gratitude for something to relieve the pulsing pain.

Nancy Face said...

I guess 47 isn't too old for a horrible toothache...I've had it since Friday night, and I'm SOOO excited that my dentist got a cancellation today so he can drill that thing into submission!

Yes, I really DID just say I'm excited to go under the drill. Pain can make a person a little bit more crazy than usual! ;)