Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What I've Got So Far (giveaway update)

If you haven't played along yet, I'm asking for your help. Below are three quilts up for grabs (the first one is actually going to be bigger) and all you have to do is suggest a new blog name for me. I've also listed all the suggestions I've received so far and placed an asterisk by the ones I'm considering.

The person who comes up with the winning name gets the quilt of their choice, the rest of the entries go into a drawing and another winner will be chosen from those. So the more entries, the better your odds, eh? Go ahead and add any new suggestions you might have to this post. If I've missed any entries of yours, add them here as well. Oh! and every entry also gets entered into a drawing for some beach reads (I promise there isn't a cerebral book in the lot).

Christmas Quilt

Vintage Purples

Funky Modern Quilt

Elizabeth W - (4)
Isaac Asimov had thyroid cancer, so I'm in good company, right?
HGTV Ain't Got Nothin' On Me
Teri Garr is my Doppelganger
*Like the rest of us don't want to win, Geez!

Tebbs Family - (2)
Teetering on one breath at a time

Lilac A. Rugg - (1)

La Yen - (3)
Happy Hands Club
Always and Forever
Your Mom Goes to College

Chocolate on my Cranium - (18)
My Bamboozled Noodle
Bats in the Belfry
Seventh Heaven
Open Blender, Insert Life
Happy Happy Joy Joy
It's a Beautiful Life
Cuz I Can
The Good Life
It's a Great Day to be Alive
This is my life
*That'll be the day...oh, wait it is the day
Happy as the Day is Long
Life's too Important to be Taken Seriously ~ Oscar Wilde
Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. -Samuel Beckett
Simplicity and Truth
It Could Be Worse
Give More, Expect Less
Do Whid it?

Heffalump - (6)
Blondes DO have more fun!
How my Garden Grows
Food, Family and the Fabric of my Life
Things that distract me from my 40 before 40 list
Don't hate me because I'm Blogiful
*The Incredible Shrinking Woman (although I'd change it to The Credible Shrinking Woman)

Up in Bubbles - (26)
out here
A separate reality
between something and nothing
ways and means
just peaches and steam
a question of life
bite your lip
office of a busy woman
she bangs the drums
vapour trail
my crystal ball
Growing Up
Garden Variety
Hit and Miss
hits and misses
knots tied
stop, pause, play, rewind
play, stop, pause, rewind
Brain Leakage
Memory Storage
yummy in my tummy
The goods
Everything in between
*Positively Me
sweating it out

Annie - (4)
My Organic Life: No fillers, no falsies, just my life au naturale
It is What it Is: my organic life
Making Organic Look Good
De-(insert your name)-ating My Life

Stacy - (2)
Life in a Whirlwind
Head in a book, hands in the dough and fingers that sew, sew, sew

Shawn - (5)
Dog Tired, But Determined
Reading Wants to Be My Life
If I Could Do Anything....
A Woman Of Undetermined Talents
I Read Because I Dream, I Cook Because I Taste, and I Sew Because I Feel Naked

c-dub - (1)
*Pieces of me


Kristina P. said...

All your readers are so creative! My blog name sucks, so you definitely don't want my help.

Up in Bubbles said...

Hey I also had the Incredible shrinking woman, but I do like your change over to the credible shrinking woman.

"Fresh Express"

"quality control"

"The green in me"

"starting fresh"

"Back to the basics"

c-dub said...

you know how badly i want a piece of this, so although i think my first entry will be my favorite i'm going to toss out more to up my chances:

2. you want piece of this?

(sorry--i couldn't help myself. it made me laugh out loud just thinking about it)

c-dub said...

3. in stitches (more often than i'd like...)

c-dub said...

4. around the block

c-dub said...

5. little snips

c-dub said...

6. walkin' the walk

c-dub said...

7. give said the little string

c-dub said...

8. in the kitchen with corrie

c-dub said...

9. on the garden path

c-dub said...

10. sewing makes me swear, but quilting i can bear

c-dub said...

11. pass the apricots, please

c-dub said...

12. of rice and pen

c-dub said...

13. out in the cabbage patch

c-dub said...

14. between the vines

c-dub said...

15. basil, bindings and baking powder

c-dub said...

16. oh yes it IS better for you--i don't care what the stupid studies say

c-dub said...

17. stayin' on the right side of the daisies

(my favorite quote from shane's grumpy old man uncle--whom i love--when i asked him how he was doing)

c-dub said...

18. livin' the good life

c-dub said...

19. step away from the chocolate

c-dub said...

20. cheery O

Shawn said...

Ok, so I guess that my first ones failed.... (sob)

Thats ok---it doesn't hurt too bad.

Mrs. Organic said...

CW - #10 made me laugh!

Shawn - I did like your last one (just didn't want the "nekkid" traffic)

Heffalump said...

Quilt blocks of my life

Spices of life

Sew, Simmer, Savor Life

Shawn said...

I'm still trying!

"My Life In Review" or Reverie?

heh, heh----come on over to my blog---I gave you a little something!

c-dub said...

the year in stitches

sun bonnet corrie

broken dishes


evening star

trip around my world

ok i'm done now. i still think i like my first one the best.

c-dub said...

(i mean i like my first one the best out of all my submissions)

b. said...

How about something to do with the Core?

I just deleted 4 of the most awful much time do I have?

Mrs. Organic said...

Put those awful titles back up, I'd love to see them. You never know...

Kenna said...

Aginst all odds
Never say never
Its a talent
Been there done that
For the love of learning
From here to there

Mark and Kristie said...

I haven't had the patience to read through all the comments...but what about
"Falling to Pieces"
Quilting My Life Back Together One Stitch at a Time!

Nancy Face said...

As much as I'm in love with that beautiful Christmas quilt, I've still got NUTHIN'!

Jeepers, I'm LAME-O!

~j. said...

Let's Share Dinner

TZel said...

The Threads of Life
Family Threads