Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You Want a Piece of This?

Then play along, I need a winner.

And you can have your pick.


tiburon said...


I need that top one so bad I can taste it!!!!!!!

Tell me what to do and I will do it.

Jump through hoops? I will do it!

Sacrifice a child? You betcha!

Cut off an appendage?

PICK ME!!!!!

Mrs. Organic said...

All you gotta do is leave me a suggestion (or two) for a new blog name.

c-dub said...

ok i posted all my entries on the link. lots of entries.

because i am seriously competitive when it comes to wanting one of your quilts.

i want you to pick me and i know which one i'll pick.

(did you say i get extra points for typing all my entries w/ only one hand?)


Mrs. Organic said...

CW- at least double ;) triple for nose/toes typing.

c-dub said...

i'll see what i can do...

Heffalump said...

Wow, those are awesome!

Up in Bubbles said...

Cute Cute Cute!!!!
"Girls got talent"

Up in Bubbles said...

"No Pain No Gain"
"All patched up"
"The fabric of my life"
"Just the way I am"
"Somewhere along the way"
"Moments to remember"
"As time goes by"
"Married...with children"
"Seasons of Change" or "Changes with the seasons"

Emma J said...

I do I do want one of these BUT I can think of nothing better than the suggestions you already have - especially "Meta-Shmorphosis!".

And I've always liked "Changing . . . at the Speed of Life"

claire said...

Ok, your readers are so much more creative than me! But I love, love love the on earth do you find the time!!! So, here's my best attempts:
'Perspectives' (since that's what your blog gives me)
And my personal favorite line:
'Prepare to be driven to the point of frenzy!'

c-dub said...

i'm just checking back to see if i one yet...

Mrs. Organic said...

If only I weren't so indecisive!

Emma J said...

How about: "Peace-ing it all together"

Emma J said...

How about: "Peace-ing it all together"

Emma J said...

Do you think it sounds better the first time?

Or the second time?


andrea said...

Those are darling.....but I am so not creative. If I come up with a suggestion though, I'll send it your way. ;)

Nancy Face said...

The pathetic thing is that I really have tried to come up with something! FOOLISH ME! :)