Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An interesting ledge

Today, in a hormone-induced haze, I considered blog-i-cide. These were my exact thoughts:

"I'm no longer Positive and my Organic has turned Schmo-rganic. Hmmph! I should just delete the whole blasted thing. Also, who ever thought it was a good idea for me to have children? Especially the kind that get older? Oh yeah. Me."

And then I realized that what I need to do is just BREATHE. And go in for new blood work, and in the meantime, stay far away from the chocolate/ice cream/bacon cheeseburgers.

This is just a technical difficulty. Right?

In other news we have moved Ty into our front room, he's too tall to carry down the long, twisty hall anymore.

I smell a remodel coming on: we'll add french doors for privacy and build him a bed that can roll into the family room during the day. New curtains are already up.


Anonymous said...

Definitely breathe. Don't delete. Take a break if need be. You could also play around with blog names in your header without actually changing your URL if you're just itchy for a change without all the dust of a true remodel (since it sounds like you have enough real-life remodeling to deal with.)

I think grandchildren are mortality's best answer to the problem of kids that get older--anyway I'm banking on it. Which doesn't mean that Hazel's not growing about 10 times faster than she ought to. (This also doesn't mean that my mind's not boggled by the thought that I'll be almost 60 before she's grown.)

Kristina P. said...

Well, I for one am sure glad you didn't delete!

Heffalump said...

Missing bloggers (as long as it's temporary) are easier to handle than missing blogs. I'm so glad you didn't delete!

The Family G said...

Happy Birthday! What an awesome gift! Reminds me, if I can't remember whats on my 40 by 40 list I should probably revisit it.

I like the idea of just changing the blog name. Reinvent it to something that doesn't give you a guilt trip. Ideals are great and all, but so is reality.

Mrs. Organic said...

I'm considering calling it, "So You Think You Can Blog?"

Elizabeth-W said...

I hear ya. I think about it, too. But I really prefer putting journal stuff there than writing it by hand. I go in phases, historically, when I journal a lot, and then other times not so much. Blogging may go in phases, soo.

b. said...

I don't need you quitting....I just don't. So, I'm glad you didn't.
I understand the feeling though.

The Lazy Organizer said...

I hear you too. I have been eating some sugar lately, a lot yesterday, and paying for it today. I have been planning my early retirement from motherhood all day. Among other things.

This too shall pass. As long as I can keep away from those dang chocolate cinnamon bears! Why do they have to sell them down the street?

And I know life has to be hard so we can learn from it but really? This hard?