Wednesday, March 25, 2009


From Ellie last week: If I don't play I must be died. (I totally get that).

Schedule today:
*Take Ellie to dentist (schedule sedation follow-up and appointment for me & Ty)
*Get hair cut and colored
*Stop at Target for necessaries (if mascara and Goldfish crackers count as such)
*Pick up lunch
*Drop off Ellie
*Pick up Michelle
*Take Michelle to different dentist (schedule other two kids for dentist)
*Take Michelle to redeem free Del Taco meal from dentist (no cavities - woot!)
*Wal-meh run for mushrooms, mangos, and strawberries
*Prepare Pepper Jack BBQ Chicken
*Take Nicole to dance
*Purchase dance pants for Nicole's upcoming ballroom recital
*Drop off clothes at sister's house
*Eat dinner

Notice how there is no potty break on that list - bladder of ever-expanding latex, I TELL YOU (if only it were also sneeze-proof).

Tomorrow - recipe and pics for Pepper Jack BBQ Chicken.


Roblynn and Rebekah said...

That looks like a page out of my old day planner! I can relate, and good luck, one of these days it does honestly slow down and you actually have time to go to the bathroom, sometimes even with a book if you are really lucky :)

Kristina P. said...

Busy girls!

Elizabeth-W said...

I honestly can't fathom how people do it. Seriously. I stand all amazed.

andrea said...

I'm glad you at least got to sit down at the end of the least for long enough to blog it!

*Yes, mascara is an absolute neccessity.
*You have to admit, it is nice to have a Walmart close enough to literally run to for last minute items. Be thankful you can't see it from your house though.....
*Where do your girls do dance? (shhh, but I'm thinking of switching places for this next year and looking for recommendations...mainly for ballet?)

Cicily Isabel Fairfield said...

I gravel at your feet.

(Yes, I said "gravel")

Cicily Isabel Fairfield said...

P.S. Chat later?

Mrs. Organic said...

Cicily - definitely. No "graveling" necesary.

Shawn said...

I never have time to pee---thats why I carry around cranberry pills for when I feel that bladder infection coming on...