Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Seaweed is, most decidedly, an acquired taste

You may recall that trying sushi is on this list of mine. Don't ask me why I thought it necessary to include sushi on there - I mean, there is nothing of merit about seaweed, raw fish and sticky rice besides the color combination. I also ate a California Roll which was equally nasty. The whole thing was rather vile, but I did it. I chewed, and chewed and finally choked it down without gagging. Much.

My stomach is now having second thoughts about letting the sushi take up residence. I suppose a future appearance on Fear Factor is out of the question and I had better find another way to make my millions.

In other news, I've managed to stay sugar-free for two weeks except for one mug of hot cocoa. As a consequence, I'm no longer craving the diet soda. I've had a couple, but that's it. In more other news I've started actually working out again and while I have not lost much weight - I have lost inches. Enough inches to keep me going (about 5 in various places).

Hope you all have a Happy (and healthy) New Year!


Summer said...

Congrats on the inches! That's what kept me going when I first started. I actually enjoy the taste of seaweed and I'll eat sushi rolls as long as there is no raw fish involved.

Anonymous said...

So I take it you'd probably not be a fan of pickled herring? :)

I could *definitely* not compete on Fear Factor -- I still cringe thinking of some of the stuff I watched on there (even though I closed my eyes or changed the channel for the worst bits.) One of the worst was actually where they had to drink a whole raw ostrich egg -- that is a LOT of egg. Blech. Now I need to cleanse my mental palate again.

Mrs. Organic said...

No pickled herring for me, but shrimp or crab? Any time, any day! I've never had too much.

The raw fish one was only worse because of all the seaweed - the california roll had cream cheese, crab and avocado (the cream cheese is what induced the gagging and I usually love it).

Elizabeth-W said...

I'm not a seaweed kind of gal, either. Congrats on the lost inches. I think they're working their way to my house. :(

Teachers said...

Congrats on the inches and the sugar-free! Maybe (cross fingers) you will inspire me to do the same. I feel so much better when I am sugar-free but the first week is torture. Keep it up! Maybe I can blog about my own progress in the near future.