Sunday, December 28, 2008

A whole medical textbook

Nicole kept complaining of her chest hurting last week, as well as her tummy and her throat. Just so you know, we don't get strep in this house - usually. I mean, hardly ever - like three times ever - and with 7 of us that's really saying something.

But once she developed a sand papery rash, I took her in to rule it out. Bingo! Strep.

Five days on the antibiotic and she started breaking out in what looked like bug bites. Later that night, even after a hefty dose of Benadryl, she had hives (or at least some nasty red welts) all over her arms. Not thinking, I gave her another dose of antibiotics. This morning the hives had spread to all over her body - everywhere but her face. Turns out she's allergic to Amoxicillin (as well as just about every other thing in nature) so the doctor switched prescriptions and ordered another big dose of Benadryl.

At this rate, I'll be able to draft my own medical text, complete with case studies and photographs. We have seriously hit the medical jackpot in this house - if only it worked that way for financial jackpots.


Elizabeth-W said...

Poor baby.
Benadryl is my friend. Knocks a gal out so she doesn't itch herself raw.

Heffalump said...

I'm allergic to everything in the cillin family. It's not fun.
I hope everyone there is healthy soon!

Mrs. Organic said...

Thank you - is it wrong that I wanted to post pics of it?

Up in Bubbles said...

No, I wish you had posted pics. I really wanted to see. I hope she feels better. I cannot believe how much crazy stuff you go through. It turns out that little J has bronchitis-sp and strep along with the other two boys who have strep. I could have it for the way I feel. I might have to get checked if I don't start feeling better soon. Hope your other kids stay healthy strep in very catchy.