Friday, June 13, 2008

40 Before 40

1. Renew passport and get one for Mr. Organic - this is important because of #2

2. See New Zealand or Europe - will be hard for me because when we travel something usually goes wrong back home and we will be so far away.

3. Finish all 'in progress' quilting projects (6 done, 4 to go)

4. Go without soda for 40 straight days - it is one of my major weaknesses and I've nearly done it 5 or 6 times

5. Read Bible cover to cover and compile favorite scriptures - I've always wanted to do this rather than read it in snatches

6. Lose 10 lbs 3/10/09 (20 so far)

7. Lose 30 lbs - these are pounds picked up from RAI and scans

8. (Private) - involves more fitness

9. Write a children's story - Nicole has given me an imaginative plot line that I'd like to turn into a story and have my mom illustrate

10. Go without chocolate/candy 40 straight days

11. Visit sister in Maryland - she's come out here plenty and there is so much to see and do out there

12. Take kids on an airplane 5/08 - by the time I was 10, I'd been on several flights

13. Go to Hawaii with Mr. Organic - because he's never been and it's beautiful and we need to learn to relax again

14. Repaint Great Room ceiling and trim white! - right now they are painted an off-white pink, but a bright white would really lighten the place up

15. Sew a dress for Ellie - I must be crazy because sewing clothing does not bring out the best in me

16. Learn to do Russian Punch needle (kit is purchased)

17. Design the Ultimate House plan to accommodate Ty (and us in our old age) - I've made 3 revisions so far and I can feel that I'm getting closer

18. Climb a mountain - I just want to stand on top of something really high up, see the big picture and say I did it, I got this far. Then I want a helicopter to pick me up, because this goal does not say Descend a mountain ;)

19. (Private) - concerns religion

20. Make soap - the real kind without losing an appendage or my vision

21. Write in journal daily for 12 consecutive months 1/1/07-12/31/07 It still isn't a regular habit even though I did it every single day for a year

22. Grow thornless raspberries and blackberries (2007) - I want Ty to be able to pick these from his wheelchair and make jam with me

23. Learn to play a song on the guitar - tricky for a lefty like me but life isn't complete unless you can strum Kumbaya around the campfire

24. Make paper and use it for stationery - I have always been a stationery nut

25. Publish TIP book -this is secrety and not what it looks like

26. Practice piano 40 straight days - I've come really close to completing this one a few times and I'm pretty mediocre at piano, but I love playing simplified hymns

27. Enter a quilt in a show - I would like to create an original quilt and then be gutsy enough to enter it. This is more about getting over my social anxiety than it is about quilting

28. Get fitted for running shoes 8/07 - maybe my goal should have been to use them

29. Private11/07

30. Plant a rosebush - I have two sitting on my patio, ready to be planted tomorrow. Roses are one of my favorite flowers, but I didn't put them in Ty's Sensory Garden because of the thorns. I would really like to plant 5. In fact, if it were up to me I'd rip out the front lawn and put in a cottage garden - too bad the kids (and Mr. O) won't go for that.

31. Try sushi - this is the extent of my being adventurous (any recommendations?)

32. Attend and participate in 3 book groups - more about social issues here. I have a hard time in group settings because when I'm nervous I tend to run off at the mouth. The whole time I am thinking in my head - how come I can't stop talking? and I'm afraid of making a fool of myself, or saying something offensive, or dominating the conversation, or, or, get the idea

33. Sponsor a project/student through Rafikis - this is a great charity that provides a school for the deaf in Kenya. Families raise half the money for a child to attend the school and the rest comes from sponsorships. I know one of the women involved - it is a reputable non-profit and one that makes a big difference in the lives of those who receive services. They also support an orphanage.

34. Take the children to see a play - I need to culture them up a bit

35. Visit Mesa Verde with the kids - My parents took us as kids, and the Mr and I went before we had kids. I'd love to take them, then visit Arches, 4 corners, and Shiprock, NM.

36. Sew pajama pants for the kids 12/07 - baby steps towards that dress for Ellie

37. Take each child on an overnight trip for one-on-one time - In a big family, it's nice to be able to get away and just bond

38. Grow a respectable garden - this just might be the year of the garden, it's starting to look good

39. Find the perfect lot on which to build #17 - we might not build it yet, but at least we will have the land on which to build our super energy-efficient geeky, yet beautiful house

40. Finally make up my mind and commit to a new adapted vehicle to get Ty around in - this is going to be one of the hardest things to do, adapted vehicles are not known for their fuel-efficiency or attractiveness, but Ty is getting so big I'm afraid we're going to end up with a monstrosity in order to fit all of us. There are about 3-4 options, none of them are that great. Big price, gas hogs, U.G.L.Y., just plain big (too big to fit in the garage) or driving everywhere in 2 vehicles which will cost even more in gas.

I know these aren't big, change-the-world sorts of things on my list - but that's okay, I've got to start somewhere. How about you? Anything you'd like to get done before you hit a certain milestone?


Elizabeth-W said...

This is a great list, Mrs. O. Very impressive!

Cocoa said...

I think it's wonderful to write these down and have a goal right there in front of you to reach for.

Summer said...

I am just not good at list making. But maybe I'll try to think of a few things I want to do...

Heffalump said...

You should try Korean Kim Pahp (pretty much the Korean version of sushi). The recipe we make has no raw fish in it. We try to make it twice a year, usually on conference weekend. D went to Korea on his mission and its one of our favorite meals, although labor intensive. All the kids love it.

The Family G said...

Great list! A lot of it sounds like master plan fodder. Bree has some great sushi recommendations (I think I'm going to take the plunge and try it too.)

Mrs. Organic said...

thanks for the sushi ideas - I woud like to try something fish-less. The rosebushes are this close to being in the ground. Anyone who wanted the lavendar needs to come and get it.

The Lazy Organizer said...

That is a very ambitious list. Get to it! I don't have one of my own. I would be happy to finish off my Mom's Mission Impossible list before I turn 40. Less than four more years to go!

Marne said...

I want some lavendar! :) :)

Great have inspired me to make one of my own. Thanks!

Mrs. Organic said...

lazy - I have one of those too, but it's not nearly as impressive as yours

marne - come and get it ;)

Damian said...

That's a great list. I am thinking that I may need one of my own. I am a lot closer to 40 than I feel (or want to admit). Thinking about this.