Monday, November 17, 2008

It's okay

I tell myself it's okay to slow down, but really I don't believe it. I'm smarter than that.

If I slow down, everything else seems to speed up: laundry, dishes, dust bunnies and yes, even homework. I've had a few times when slowing down was not optional, it was mandatory, but that didn't make it any easier.

I am one who needs to constantly be in motion. I even take handiwork to meetings (I think best when my hands are busy) and waiting rooms. I multitask in my sleep completing crosswords or sudoku with one eye open. But today, I slowed down, wayyyy down. Sometimes the extra laundry, dishes, dust bunnies, science fair projects, and even quilting have to take a back seat to a recuperating mind and body.

This time of year I am usually undergoing prep for a thyroid scan which means no thyroid meds for approximately 6 weeks (3 while you're getting levels elevated and 3 while you're waiting for them to come back down to normal after the scan). It affects everyone differently, but I become very cold, lose more hair than I can spare, and my brain pretty well quits on me (btw, that is not a good thing to have happen just in time for parent/teacher conferences).

I decided not to get my scan this winter but to do it next summer - you know, when I would most like to be cold, bald and brainless. I figure that since my family thinks of it as normal - me being useless through the holidays, they won't notice if I take this week off and let the dishes and laundry pile up.

Maybe if I pop in the Number Factory videos and Ellie learns to count, I won't have to feel all that guilty about it, either.


Angela said...

I know exactly what you are talking about. I hate when people tell me to slow down- do you want to see the family of 6 go completely to pot. That is what happens when you take a huge slow day off. I slowed down last week and now I am going crazy trying to speed up and get caught up with the house, the laundry and life. Wow- if I feel better after that rant and rage..just bill me for your counseling time! :)

Biesinger Fam said...

Good for you. I am the same way, but occasionally I force myself to relax, and I'll tell ya it does wonders. And guess what, life still goes on and everything is fine. Amazing. "Here's to lazy dayz!"

JENNIFRO said...

For some reason...I think you've had this coming. Call me crazy. You can't imagine how many times I've used the Leap Frog DVD's to rationalize...."look she's been learning to read ALLLLLL day!"

Elizabeth-W said...

I think that is a very smart idea!

radioactive girl said...

I hate the scans! If I never had to do one again, I would be happy. I don't think anyone can understand just how yucky going hypo is unless they have done it. Sure, you can try and describe it, but there is no way to understand until you do it.

I would tell you to go ahead and be lazy because you deserve it but I have a hard time following that advice myself. Sometimes I wish I could just sit and do nothing at all!