Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Was today Monday? Because I did not get that memo

First, the bus driver forgot our conversation about Ty attending school everyday this week so I had to take him to school in my pajamas. I got there and done just as my 8th grader son's bus was pulling up. I imagine that for an 8th grade boy, the only thing more embarrassing than you and all your friends seeing your mom in her pajamas (sans makeup/bra) would be her kissing you in public. It definitely does not score you cool mom points. This is a pic of Ty on the dream couch - do you see how relaxed he is? It will be worth every penny, and the rest of us can sit on surplus folding chairs.

Second, while my sister was visiting she asked me why my dog was freaking out, and I dismissed it by telling her that the dog is always freaking out. Always. However, when I went upstairs to get something (as we are still living out of the dungeon basement), I noticed that, um, THE OTHER HALF OF OUR TREE had fallen down. At least it did not kill the freaking out dog, but it is now blocking one half the back yard from the other. On the upside? Free wood chips/mulch for the yard. I'm so peeved/distraught that there is no picture this time, just remember last time only it's 40 degrees colder now.

Third, as I was starting to write out a check (I know, talk about your dark ages) for a church expenditure, I realized that I had the wrong checkbook and no credit card - thank heavens for mad money- but I noticed that I had written a check to the hardwood floor guy from the wrong account. An account that only had $20 in it. Yeah, not quite enough to cover it. So not only had I complained/begged him to fix the floor (which he did), but I had written him a bum check. My karma was quickly piling up in the wrong direction.

Insert big sigh and then big massive FREAKOUT here. Mr. O earned sainthood today, because when I freak out at myself it leaves a ginormous wake, but he is a pro wake-boarder of the freakout variety. He left work and ran to the bank asap to try and clear up my goof while I imagined the overdraft and interest fees piling up by the minute. He got to the bank and oops! it actually had gone through the right account (the one with money in it). Upon closer inspection, it appears that I may have hallucinated the checkbook error. To his credit, he did not say one mean, unsympathetic word about it. Total sainthood.

Fourth, have you ever tried on and bought an article of clothing of the *ahem* foundational variety in the store? And later loved the fit so much that you tried to buy another one online, and when it arrived it looked like the UPS guy had run over it twice, used it for a slingshot and perhaps modeled it for a few of his closest friends before handing it over to you? Me neither, but it's going back for a complete refund tomorrow.

Fifth, I bought gas today, drove ten miles, parked and only then did I realize that the gas tank lid was still dangling and the tank flap/door, whatever, was wide open. I'm so glad that I at least replaced the pump first. Seriously, is someone messing with my Thyroid meds?

But then there was this:

and this - inspiration for the big wall in my family room.

How was your day? Did you have a Monday too?


Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Well, now that Monday is over today should be a really good day right? I hope it is!

Biesinger Fam said...

Wow! Sounds like fun over there. I too thought it was Monday and sent Makayla to school with show and tell. When she didn't get to show it she cried and cried. Poor girl. However I, myself am having a perfectly pleasant day. Hope yours gets better.

JENNIFRO said...

Every single day this week has been Monday for me!
Except for the two hours I went to the mall, ate at Nordstrom cafe and bought new jeans....

Heffalump said...

Ty looks like he is in heaven...