Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's coming up on Friday is it?

I'm taking the girls to HSM3 with a few other moms and their girls tomorrow. Right here, I ought to tell you something about me. It's not the sort of thing I do - get all excited about teeny bopper movies and take my kids to them on opening day - I mean just ask my brother. He calls me the "Biggest Censor of All Time," and he's right. I do like to preview or read up on what my kids see. Call me uptight, 'cuz I'm completely okay with that part of me.

Come on Disney, don't let me down.

And as long as we're talking movies, I can't remember the last one Mr. O and I watched in an actual theater (probably Ironman). I think we're due for a datenight since that film just came out on video. I could leave my son in charge, but it would rule out going to a movie since he would call me every 10 minutes or so with a progress report and then when he won't be able to reach me (because the phone will be on vibrate in my purse), he just might have the theater manager page me and I will think the house is on fire or that Ty is unable to breathe, et cetera, et cetera. Wait! I think I just thought of a new plotline for the "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" series. Let's call it "If you ask your kid to babysit..."

Anyhow, I had better be scoring some sort of brownie points in that book they're keeping in Heaven or, at least, some Cool Mom points. If not, I'm totally trading them in for Martyr Mom dollars and I will use them.


Anonymous said...

Tyler and I just went to Burn After Reading. It was good. Adult content, but funny.

:) We don't have any kids and we don't get to movies that often.

I have an award for you at my blog.

Elizabeth-W said...

Sorry. Hate to break it to ya'. I'm the biggest censor ever.
5 year old whines she is the only kindergartner who hasn't seen it. (That isn't true--there are 2 others.)
Is it called Kindergarten Musical? No. It's HS musical. Are you in HS? No. You're in elementary school. I'd let my 8 year old, but it's 5 year old who is boy and fashion crazy. So, I'm trying to keep her baby as long possible.