Monday, October 6, 2008

Spicy Tomato Soup just like in VA

Kel- this is mostly for you. I've got a pretty good lead on reproducing that spicy tomato soup we had for lunch. In fact, we're eating it for dinner tonight and I'm canning the base for it tomorrow.

Yum yum! Recipe to follow.


JENNIFRO said...

WHERE OH WHERE do you find your drive??
Please share.

Jan said...

I can't wait for the recipe (if it's not too hard). Maggie and I love tomato soup-especially with a grilled cheese to dunk in it. Mmm... I think I just thought of dinner.

Mrs. Organic said...

jen - I tell you it's comes and it goes, but I sure wish it came more often!

jan - it's spicy, but creamy. I have some leftover base if you'd like to try it.

the lazy reader said...

Mmmmm tomato soup is one of absolute favorite foods.