Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stuff you might not know

My friend Tami tagged me (go see her cute kids in a commercial)

10 Years ago I was:
1) Living in the middle of nowhere - it's quite windy there
2) Trying to get those last 15 lbs off from baby #3
3) An avid advocate for children with special needs
4) Reading every novel written by Agatha Christie

5 Things on my "TO DO LIST" today:
1) Drool over beautiful furniture options
2) Pay ticket
3) Put family room back together, sort of
4) Buy Miralax for Ty
5) Investigate new insurance options

5 Snacks I enjoy (guilty pleasures)
1) Diet Dr. Pepper
2) Reese's Sticks
3) Garden Salsa Sun Chips
4) Tomatoes
5) Toast with lemon curd

5 Things I will do when I become a multi millionaire:
1) Set up a trust to help provide overnighters for parents of special needs kids (80% of those marriages end in divorce)
2) Design an affordable wheelchair accessible family vehicle
3) Build that really cool house I designed as a kid with secret passageways
4) Take my kids to see where I grew up in the Philippines
5) Buy whatever I want and share with whomever I want

5 Places I have lived
1) Utah
2) Middle of Nowhere
3) Chula Vista, CA
4) Phillippines
5) A 900 sq ft apartment with 6 people

5 Jobs I've had
1) Shake girl at Purple Turtle
2) Secretary
3) Shack Attack Plaque Sander/Finisher
4) Wordperfect Sales Assistant
5) Butt Wiper

5 People I'm tagging
1) Jennifro
2) Kelley
3) Emily
4) Stacy
5) Kenna


david mcmahon said...

That's an amazing list of places you've lived, especially ``middle of nowhere'' !!!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

I grew up with a special needs sister, so I know how much the parents really need help. Lovely that you put that on your list.