Monday, June 2, 2008

An Organic Family First

The last two days Michelle and Nicole have been camping with their grandparents and tonight we picked them up. Mr. Organic and I packed up the remaining kids, even Ty (though he is not fond of the great outdoors or, really, anywhere that is not his own home) and drove 40 minutes. Once there, we enjoyed dinner with great company, the kids explored, and Ty survived.

This time of year is so beautiful, the mountains are still green

One more shot of the rainbow which only moments before was very sharply all seven colors. Note to self: Always have camera in hand.

I was very pleased that Ty humored us, waiting patiently for us to finish visiting. And also that I did not get all Crazy Mama on our first family outing since his tumor (that's about 18 months if you're counting). It was actually quite a pleasant evening.


The Happy Housewife said...

Wow- Beautiful pictures! I am homesick for West Virginia!

Elizabeth-W said...

Tell us more about the Crazy Mama! :)