Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Organic House Tour, part one

The first Tuesdays of the month, we are talking about our homes or spaces around our homes, head over to Lara's and join in on the fun. The room you are looking at used to be painted a deep lilac. It had heavy purple corduroy drapes that were wonderful for keeping the heat and light of the sun out, a dark olivey-goldy-purpley hand quilted bedspread, and a multitude of throw pillows in coordinating olive, gold and purples. I have always wanted a white bedroom, but have never thought it practical in real life.

After our last two and a half years battling my cancer and Ty's tumor - practicality can just take a hike. For minimal $ I was able to find a white duvet cover and dust ruffle at IKEA. The white, quilted shams are from TJ Maxx and now I have a bit of zen. I know it's boring and I'm still looking for prints to hang above the bed and the perfect white curtains to soften the window frame. But it is white, it is peaceful, and it's ours. Happy sigh.

And now to the yard for more peace and zen. Again with the chives - I love how they flower.

Our lilacs are in a shady spot of the yard so they flower about two weeks after everyone else's. This one is right next to where we hang the laundry (for about 2 weeks it smells absolutely heavenly).

Another shot of the bed (we have one of these toppers and I wouldn't trade it for anything). Any suggestions for what to put on the wall? There are pictures on two of the walls - what else can you put up there - a mirror, a shelf? I realize the lamps are too small and will eventually change them out for something bigger and most likely something white as well.


frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Oooh, your lilac has me drooling! I planted a lilac in our yard three years ago and it STILL hasn't bloomed! All the neighbors have gorgeous lilacs and I just have leaves on mine!

I love fluffy beds! What about a candleholder of some sort over your bed? It seems as though that would go along with the zen feeling you're after. We have a black swirly candleholder with some dangly crystals over our bed and I love it.

~ Sarah

Emily said...

Ooooh - the zen of good deals! The best kind! :-D

Thanks for your kind comment, so I am here with your wall advice! I looooove the minimalism you've got going on here. It's so very serene. And the wall color is to die for!

Cheap and cheerful suggestions:

1. Hang two rice paper lamps, one on either side of the bed. That will give you the height you're looking for without adding weight to the floor. (Less than $10 each from Ikea!)

2. Behind the bed I'd either stencil or buy decals of oversize bamboo in white. Focus it just behind the bed, between the hanging lamps, or across the entire wall.

3. A box pleated bed skirt would add a bit more crispness to the bed, and make it a little less busy. I'd go for white or linen.

Beautiful room, though! I'm trying to get my ducks in a row to redo my bedroom, too, now that my living room is *perfect* (to me!)

Mrs. Organic said...

Thank you for the suggestions, keep 'em coming. I think I'll check out the rice paper lamps.

Miss Jen said...

Very peaceful! I wish I had the guts to even try white!

Jendeis said...

White lamps or something in a coordinating color. Definitely bigger since you have a significant bed, you need significant lamps.

Over the bed, I'd go with a LARGE piece of art (picture, print, mirror, whatever), something that's only a little smaller than the width of the bed. Perhaps a blown-up photo of a flower in your garden? Or a sepia-toned portrait of your family?

libby said...

Love your bed. After years of having blue bedding I only recently gone all white - and I LOVE it!!! I couple of nice prints above your bed will be perfect. I have two purple flowers - you can see them here


Richelle said...

I like the white, so clean and fresh looking.

Jan said...

It looks great! I love to get decorating ideas from the parade of homes.

Mrs. Organic said...

I may just have to poat this room again once it's done. I'm thinking it needs a big piece of furniture to anchor the room - maybe a wide dresser and a mirror above it to expand the peaceful feeling?

Blue Castle said...

Your bedroom looks so peaceful. I have found those white hanging lamps at W-mart for $6. They would look nice against your wall. Have fun decorating!

The Lazy Organizer said...

It looks lovely! My bed is all white too with a small white loveseat next to it. If you have room it is the way to go. I really love having it in there. I sit on it to read and if we have a sick kid they can sleep on it.