Monday, October 1, 2012

When September Ends

I can't believe an entire month got away form me without a word, a photo a nothing. Maybe because it was jam-packed with medical tests and appointments. And Ty's surgery (at long last).

I had an MRI of my lumbar spine and as an aside-an after thought, really-the radiologist mentioned that it appeared I had a cyst, mass, or lesion, possibly some demyelination (think MS) or perhaps a strong spinal cord signal at the bottom of my thoracic spine. But it was too hard to see, so they called me back for another scan. Turns out that after a worry-filled week, the thing that had them in an uproar was considered an artifact-a ghost image-a thing that never was. I don't know about you, but I'd rather have ghost tumor than any other kind. Ghost tumors only leave you with invisible baldness and phantom nausea. Dudes, I can do that.

Ty had surgery last week, and was such a star patient that he came home after less than 48 hours instead of the five-day stay he was supposed to be there for. He is running a bit of a fever, so we're checking him for signs of infection (results should be  back by Thursday). Also, Facebook is an awesome resource for refilling my mom bag o' tricks. I now have a few more weapons in my poop disposal arsenal. My shame/humility knows no bounds. His pain is still being managed pretty well, we just need to discover the source of this fever. If y'all feel like praying for my boy to poop his guts out, well I just might love you forever.

Parents, in general, should get medals for the amounts of bodily fluids they end up wearing that they do not, in fact, claim as their own; but we all know that moms would win this event (if there actually were such an event), hands-down.

In other, not very different news - surgeon consult for my own medical, fun stuff at the end of the month. Wish me well. This photo, wherein my sweater appears to be made for my 7 year old daughter and that I have suddenly taken up the art of beer-bellying, is still my favorite because you can see Tyler best in it and he looks great.
October is a fine, fine month.


Emily said...

I love each and every photo, but especially the one where I can see Tyler. What an amazing family you have--and what an amazing woman you are.

Tebbs Family said...

Ive had to make due with phantom posts and photos from you lately but glad to get caught up with your family situation. You are the only one that noticed your sweater and belly. I noticed the happy, beautiful faces and Ty's beautiful spirit. Good luck with October!!!

Melody said...

I love reading your blog. You've still got it! (Look at that snappy reference to pop music in your title.)

We could have a conversation about the merits of facebook and the beauty of bloggery. . . maybe later. Anyway, you're family looks so good. You're an amazing woman. . . living through the awful and the awesome and smiling all the while. Or at least a good part of the while. Love ya.

mCat said...

Praying for poop. Serio.

And I really admire all that you do and go through each and every day - you're kinda my hero ya know!