Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pop tart kids

Ty's fever is headed down, down, down. Just two doses of antibiotics and already it's down to a respectable 99.8 degrees. Phew.

So you know how during drought years they will ask us, over the pulpit, to "pray for moisture" and then eventually we have flooding in the streets and we end up praying "thank you, that's enough now"? Well, we can truly stop praying for Ty to poop his guts out. That's enough now. Seriously. Enough with the poop.
Yesterday Ellie came up to me and asked me how that one song goes.. you know the "All the other kids with the Pop Tart kids. You better run baby run - faster than my mama can." Is that really the words? I told her that "Yes, that's exactly how the song goes."

So sue me. I like her version better.

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Omgirl said...

Hahah! Precious! I'm sure I would have come up with lyrics like that myself if my husband handn't been on hand to translate for me the first time I heard that song.

I like pop tart kids better anyway!