Sunday, September 11, 2011

3:18 AM

Man this house is quiet right now. I'm up because my ear canal has decided to throw a hissy fit. I mean it's like I turned 40 and my body said, "Forget this, I'm outta here."

Stupid foot. One more week of good behavior and wearing a stinky post-op shoe. Blech (this thing truly reaks and I have to wash my foot like a zillion times and still I can smell it). Double blech. I don't wear it to bike, it's too dangerous, but there's no impact with most of my biking route so I think that's okay. I'm going a little stir crazy and am so very tempted to run.

Stupid, stupid neck. It had been feeling better, but now that the left side has calmed down from the injection, my right side is acting up. It's downright demanding: "massage me here, put Icy Hot on me there, take a muscle relaxer, don't turn your head." Bossy I tell you.

And then there is my stoopid ear. I know this medical complaining is getting old. I'm super sick of it too, but it helps to vent a little. My right ear hurts like someone is twisting a screw driver in there. Not fun. Not fun at all. Strangely enough it looks normal and exactly like my left ear--which does not hurt at all--and according to my doctor that means it could be an inner ear infection or a Eustachian tube something or other.

So, my old lady medicine cabinet has expanded. I'm now taking an antibiotic/steroid ear drop (4x/day) in addition to an oral antibiotic (3x/day) and an oral steroid (2x/day). In the meantime, the only thing that helps is for me to insert my finger into my ear, apply pressure, and sort of tug it in an upward direction.

That so does not look strange at all. I hope the medicines work because otherwise I will be walking around with my right index finger permanently inserted into my ear. Good thing I am left-handed.


Tebbs Family said...

Soooo sorry. Wish you could've been with us running this weekend. You and Blaine would have such a great time! Get that foot better so you can get out on the road...

radioactive girl said...

I'm so sorry! I hope it feels better soon. I know how awful ear pain is and I'm sorry you know now too!

Anonymous said...

I will stop complaining about my own ailments. So sorry friend


MJ said...

Remember the days when we never had to think about what our bodies would be able to do, or to think about what they had done afterwards. No wonder old people sit around comparing medications. We're all headed there?!