Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The thankingest girl

Today I registered Ellie for Kindergarten. To commemorate this special day, we made a sno-cone run.

It's been forever since I had one of those. Have you ever had a sno-cone, mom?


I just don't know what to get, I'm so essited.
Sno-cone girl: I can make you a rainbow, or a Justin Bieber, or even a Barbie sno-cone.

Well, if you have Mango and Strawberry, I'd like that.
And they did have it.

Fank you mom for getting me this sno-cone. It's so dee-licious. Oh, and mom (I believe this is right about when the sugar kicked in). I want to change my name. 'Cause I'm almost six and going to school and I need a more grown-up name. So could you please start calling me Sarah? Fank you. 

Hey mom, I sure am good at saying my fank yous. And amn't I the goodest listener in the family too?
I'm going to miss my Ellie when Kindergarten rolls around.


Elizabeth-W said...

Love that kid! She reminds me of Junie B Jones a little, only way smarter and kinder. :D

Melody said...

"And amn't I the goodest . . ."

Delightful. Perfect. Blessings.

MJ said...

Oh, she is the goodest! (And how did I miss all these posts? I swear I checked in maybe two days ago . . . !)

M-Cat said...

What a stinking cutie!