Friday, August 12, 2011

Just bust a move

So Formerly Phread taught a workshop on The Single Ladies dance at BlogHer '11, but first she gave us some private lessons in our room (perks of having a dance sensation for a roomie). Then she showed us this video and taught us some of these moves. You may not know it, but Jenny taught her family to do the Single Ladies dance just by watching videos and breaking it down. Also, she is just an amazing dancer - the girl has what Mary Murphy calls "swag" (and I'm not referring to the freebies vendors throw at you in the Expo hall).

She let us in on a little secret which is this video that breaks the choreography down in reverse so that when you learn it you're doing the same routine in the same direction that Beyonce performs it. Anywho, my girls and I are going to learn this and maybe even bust it out at the family Christmas Party. You can bet I'll be sporting my green knee-highs, stilettos, and daisy dukes. Well, just as soon as I buy them.

Here she is surprising some school girls during their performance (I love stars who are nice in real life)

And while we are busting out the dance music, you must see this. If you are a child of the 80s, you'll appreciate it.

If you click the link below, you'll see the follow-up they performed. I didn't know Jimmy Fallon was a talented rapper in a former life.
History of Rap 2

So any of you all want to "Move Your Body" and learn this dance with us? Maybe we can have a dance party next summer and bust our moves...

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M-Cat said...

I would so be in for a dance party! Hell, I have no shame in embarrassing myself!