Friday, June 10, 2011

Now where's that fork?

Somebody please find it and stick it in me - I'm well and truly done.

I'm away with the girls visiting my sister before she moves. Yesterday we shopped until we dropped, but with only a few purchases to show for it. Shopping can be so discouraging. I don't mind trying on things, it's the waiting for kids to try on things and hanging all their cast-offs back up. And also the Ellie-wrangling. It wears a mother out.

Here is one of the ways she kept herself entertained. When she first saw these mannequins, she declared, "What?! Pink humans? No way!" And then she asked me to take a whole series of shots with them.

These are the shoes she purposely packed for pool/beachwear. They are both purple and plastic, so of course they work. Luckily the kids had reached their pool max about 10 minutes before some kid had to go and contaminate it with a poo-bomb. Blarf!

Not to name names, but a certain older someone didn't listen to her mother about reapplying sunscreen and getting out of the sun and now she's paying for it. I really wish I'd brought the lavender oil with me, and that I could say "I told you so."

In other news, I did something I haven't done before - I got a spray tan. It was a 2-for-1 special, and due to the rain I'm whiter than normal. I'm a sucker for a deal, and apparently my vanity knows no bounds. 

Dudes, I am all shades of "Orange Lovely." There is a certain learning curve to those things, like really rubbing the barrier cream in well on the bendy, crease-y parts of your body, and not forgetting the part about not washing your hands with water during the first 6 hours. Oops.

I went running today and I don't think there is a flat spot in this entire neighborhood. My workout should totally count for double. 

P.S. The diet is officially blown.

P.P.S. The kids have invented a game that involves batting balloons as they are tossed over the banister and seeing how many they can keep aloft for the longest time. That's a game that will prepare them for life.

P.P.P.S My hair is so ha-yuge from the humidity that I tried taming it with an Amish hairdo. Note to self: leave the Amish 'dos to Kelly McGillis.


Emily said...

First, I love blowing diets. And second, those spray tans are super tricky.

Tebbs Family said...

I just laughed at your whole post! I would LOVE to see a pix of your Amish hair and the purple shoes are a sign of more "inspiring" things to come... bet you can't wait! Never had a spray tan. I sweat so much when I work out (thus always wear a hat) that I think my tan would literally run off my body.

Diana said...

I am so not a fan of shopping. I get done way before I am done! :D

Spunky footwear says a lot about a girl. :D

Anonymous said...

I've actually been wondering if I've been failing at my job of teaching my kids to shop. I do hate it so.

I love the pose with the pink human. She is SUCH a crack-up.

I seem to try an Amishy updo a couple times a year. It never works out, but hope springs eternal, I guess.

Anonymous said...

I really love the purple plastic shoes picture - great shadows and angles and the colors are just great.

Sun?! Does such a thing still exist in this world? We only wish we could get sunburned!

radioactive girl said...

Your daughter is hilarious! I love it!

I haven't ever had a spray tan, but always want to try it. I guess when the time comes I am going to have to ask you for all the tips because I have no idea.

radioactive girl said...
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radioactive girl said...
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radioactive girl said...

What the heck? It posted 3 times, sorry about that!

M-Cat said...

I was just asked recently if I wanted to go get a spray on tan for the upcoming wedding. I was like "DUDE! I would be all orange AND bumpy from the rash". I am picturing your elbows, knees and hands and am laughing. WITH you of course.