Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hot, hot, cold, cold

We had a brief respite from the cold last weekend. It lasted about two and a half days.
Now it's raining. A lot.

But it was warm and dry long enough for us to get the new soil mixed into the garden and the pre-plant fertilizers are thoroughly watered-in.

Now, if my plants can just hang on for the weekend, I'll get their roots in some lovely, rich earth.
We are trying a more vigorous approach to pruning the tomatoes this year. I have about 6 varieties and need to find three more Roma plants.

The other day Ellie told me she'd figured out the weather pattern, it's Hot, Hot, Cold, Cold. I think we are past due for some Hot, Hot.

In other news (for Tori, because I know this will make her laugh), one of my kids told me the other day: "Did you know that scientists think there are diamonds in Uranus?"

Had to remind myself that I'm not actually a 14-year old boy. I almost succeeded, but then she added: "you know, because it's so cold in there."

Ah ha ha ha! I couldn't help myself. Poor kid.


Kristina P. said...

I would have been really mature and said, "That's what she said."

M-Cat said...

Heater on. Heater off. Heater on. Heater off.


and the uranus thing never gets old. Ever

radioactive girl said...

The uranus thing is hilarious! I love it!

Queen Scarlett said...

Dude... seriously weather *shaking fist* - I think you're getting what we were deluged with. ;-)

I have a 12 YO boy in me... so we're giggling together.

Kimberly said...

Your pictures are always so stunning! Love!

Hope you get some heat (and some healing for that poor foot of yours!) soon!