Friday, April 29, 2011

A Family Lives Here

Exhibit One:
On the left is a Wandering Jew plant that Tyler cloned in greenhouse class, then we tore off a leaf and cloned it again - that's why there are two plants.

Next is a bamboo heart my daughters bought for me years ago (they took their own money walked a few blocks to the local nursery and bought it - all by themselves without me knowing when they were 6 and 4 years old. Nearly gave me a heart attack). I love it.

Next is a small framed print of Jesus with children. I think it was a Mother's Day gift when my children were little.

Next, Gerber daisies I bought to brighten up Easter.

And finally, pea plants that Spielberg is growing as part of a Biology class experiment. Funny story, he started watering the shortest plant with green tea and now it's completely caught up to the others.

Now all I need is a contribution from Ellie (preferably not the pill bug she keeps as her pet), and this windowsill will be complete.

Join in the fun won't you? And add your "A Family Live Here" entry over at Queen Scarlett's place.


Omgirl said...

All I'd need for that entry is a picture of my kitchen strewn with everyone's socks, shoes, coats, dirty dishes, school papers, coloring paraphernalia, and latest snack wrappers and you'd have no doubt that a family lived here. I wouldn't even need to include pics of the living room!

Kristina P. said...

I would just have pictures of The Hoff strewn about.

Emily said...

My plants would all be brown and dead. I am impressed with your collection!

Queen Scarlett said...

That story about your daughters doing that all on their own makes me so happy. I am also so impressed that your plants are alive. Plants come to my home to die. No joke.

M said...

What a great idea for a post. CHloee had a pillbug too. Charlie. And then he died. And for about a nanosecond, there was a frown until she found another one. Named Charlie.

Love it

Mrs. Organic said...

Baby steps. You didn't really expect me to show you the mass of shoes, toys, forts on my first post did you?

Every night Ellie puts her pill bug in his "bed" with a feast of grass and every morning she is surprised that he is still alive and then sets him free in the front flower bed. Of course, she finds him again that night to put him back to bed.